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vacations in bora boraMy boyfriend is a person who loves the sand, sea and surf and basically loves the outdoors. We decided to choose Bora Bora for a vacation as it’s both beautiful and fun. Bora Bora is a French Polynesian island that is surrounded by a lagoon and a barrier reef which is home to over 500 species of marine life and in the centre of the island lies an extinct volcano.

The best part of Bora Bora is that , though it is relatively small it is fully packed with all kinds of activities –safaris, snorkeling ,sunbathe on the white sands ,dive into the waters and have the experience of feeding the sharks and rays and enjoy the beautiful coral .Bora Bora is also truly romantic. So to have the entire package all rolled into one – fun, frolic and romance- Bora Bora was ideal !

The day we landed we decided to take it easy as we had a whole load of activities planned for the next coming days. We decided to start our holiday with a 4*4 safari drive. The island of Bora Bora has many interior roads that are only easily accessible by a 4 wheel drive. The majority of these roads were cut by the American military during World War II. From these roads you can get some of the most spectacular views of the scenery and get up close and personal with the giant WWII defense guns. The safari tour stops not only at the famous defense gun but at famous hotels, gorgeous white sand beaches and ancient maraes (open air stone temples). The guide told us great local stories and we learnt a lot of Bora Bora’s history, politics of the island, the American occupation during World War II and other Polynesian cultural facts and interest. The good part was the terrain being a bit rugged and since we were up for some fun, the guides showed us the gnarly spots of the road and we had to hang on tight!

We wanted to visit the Lagoonarium, as we were particularly interested in seeing the sharks and rays being fed. We did the full day combination tour, where we could explore the Lagoonarium at our own leisure. The visit includes a special exhibition of feeding of the shark and ray in the afternoon, which is of course done by experts. We then went on a full island tour of Bora Bora on special outrigger canoes. The visit included a fabulous Bar –b –que Picnic which included in the menu some lovely fish and chicken dishes accompanied by local Polynesian fruit and juices. We then went snorkeling to the Bora Bora Coral Gardens for fun! It was a day truly well spent.

We wanted something more sporty and fun and hence decided to go hiking. We didn’t want to do the usual and rather easy hiking trail, so we decided to hire a guide to help us climb the mountains of Pahia and Otemanu. These mountains are Bora Bora’s highest points. Azdin was a fabulous guide who knew the nooks of where and how to go. He had stories that you would want to write down. We ate passion fruit, wild mangoes, grapefruit and coconut .He showed us his white vanilla plantations and wild ginger . The cliffs were difficult and unpredictable because of loose stone and rocks and it was a good thing we took a guide. It was a huge yet wonderful challenge and we came back exhausted yet thrilled from the hike. vacations in bora boraWe had well worked out our calories from the lovely food that we had been eating. Hiking up these mountains is definitely not for the faint hearted though it is a must do thing when in Bora Bora.

My boyfriend decided to surprise me and managed to charter a helicopter,so that we can could do a fly over view of Bora Bora. It was a truly magical experience .Flying over those magical islands is something different. The colors of the ocean and all its different tones of blue, with the lush green island oasis is an amazing and unforgettable sight. The helicopter tours are luxurious and worth every penny of it.

vacations in bora boraThe waters off the coast of Bora Bora are filled with a rich sea life and is home to a great number of game fish like Marlin, swordfish ,mahi mahi and giant tuna. We enjoyed half a day of fishing on a famous 17 foot Boston Whaler. The calmer waters of the lagoon allows for some quiet and light fishing. Deep sea fishing is great fun and the thrill of the big ocean adds more excitement to the whole experience.

The one thing that we did want to do when in Bora Bora was parasailing. There was nothing better than flying up in the sky and looking down at the blue ocean while being driven around by a high speed boat. Its super fun and the thrill is great! The fun part is even children can do this. The experience just takes about ten minutes vacations in bora boraand we were taken upto 600 feet above the water. As the boat speeds up ,you just head up into the wind and the parachute takes over and cups you and u just begin to fly high up in the sky. The view while soaring up above is amazing .This is one picture that definitely will stay in our memories for a long ,long time.

I am not exactly the most enthusiastic person about getting deep into the water. My boyfriend decided that I should take a beginners lesson in scuba diving. So we both enrolled for a beginners class,though he already knew diving. I refused to go on my own so he had to accompany me. It was a fun experience, though I don’t see myself trying that again.

Since I didn’t like diving very much, we decided to go snorkeling. We signed up for the ecotour snorkeling. The tour stops at four different places where you can experience the amazing marine life of Bora Bora. We snorkeled in the preserved waters among vibrant coral reefs. We saw fish like moray eels, anemone fish and the gorgeous enormous Manta rays and Eagle rays. The snorkeling tour takes about three and a half hours and vacations in bora borais time honestly and truly well spent among wonderful creatures of the sea.

Our holiday was slowly beginning to wind down and we decided to relax a bit and decided to enjoy a lovely picnic on one of the lagoons crystal white outer lying beach MOTUS. They organized a beautiful picnic along the sea shore while we sat and enjoyed the blue ocean in front of us.

Another fun way of seeing the island is cycling. We got to rent bicycles from the island and enjoyed the day cycling along the paved pathways that encircles the entire island .This was also a perfect way of seeing the island.

Bora Bora was truly an experience of its own and we came back home with lots of lovely memories and time well spent. The people of Bora Bora live by a philosophy “aita pea pea”, which means not to worry and we sure came back with no worries after our truly wonderful holiday!

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