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Safest, most friendly, most beautiful, most modern – these are usually parameters in rating different cities in the world. I usually consider these when I do country hopping. But I have realized that I should do further research. On the darker side, I should also take note of the dangerous cities.

Here’s a list of dangerous cities in different continents (with no particular order):

Travel to bangkok

1.) Bangkok, Thailand (Asia)

Yes, this is one of the top tourist spots in Asia. There are many must see temples and foods here. But I never knew that there is a great danger in this city.

Crime scenes in Bangkok are not reported. The country doesn’t want it to get revealed for it would greatly affect their tourism. So I considered this as a friendly tourist country before. But everything is pole apart from the way I was expecting, they are rude with tourists. I should not roam around during night time in the streets even if it is populated with people. Natives here target to harm tourists. Kidnapping and dead among tourists is just a usual phenomenon. I should monitor my money during my travel here for there are many snatchers in Bangkok. They take interest even if it is in other currency. They just don’t snatch money but take away precious belongings. In going to bars, I should keep an eye of who I am mingling with. Many locals make a tourist drunk and harm them after. I should also know what drink is offered since they secretly give drinks with alcoholic content and pretend that is just a safe drink.

Being an Asian country, bystander males look maliciously every time they see blonde ladies as if they have hidden intentions. They look at blonde ladies from head to toe, having desire for them especially when too much skin is revealed by the cloth.

I never thought about this before. All I know about Bangkok is that it is the best city in Thailand for it is its capital and I was hypnotized by their promotions and sceneries.

travel to sydney2. Sydney, Australia (Australia)

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Sydney is usually mistaken as the capital of Australia, although it is Canberra. This city has many wonders. One of the most popular is the Sydney Harbour. There are many imitations of this and it is usually portrayed in movies. Despite all of this, there is a great danger that awaits Sydney.

The usual crime in Sydney is robbery. Cars are stolen. Homes are broken and things are stolen. There is usually discrimination that leads to physical attack. People here outcast other because of skin colour, ethnicity and religious belief.

The most common issue in Sydney are the dangerous animals. This city is fit as place of wildlife. There are dangerous animals in the sea which have recorded to kill tourists since beaches are hype in Sydney. Some of these are box jellyfishes, blue ring octopuses, stone fishes and saltwater crocodiles. Box jellyfish is considered as the most venomous animal. If its tentacles touch the human skin, it may lead to death. Blue ring octopus is a marine animal with venom, just like jellyfish. It can cause heart failure. Stonefish is fatal to humans. There are records wherein this is stepped and brought danger to tourists of Sydney. Saltwater crocodile is the largest reptile and also attacks humans. There are also non marine animals which are very dangerous in Sydney, including different species of spiders and snakes.

I’d rather go to other cities than go in a place which is a home of wildlife animals. I never dreamt of having interaction with venomous, dangerous, poisonous and deathly animals. I want a friendly city. What I mean by friendly is warm-heartening for people and not for wild creatures.

travel to bulgaria3. Sofia, Bulgaria (Europe)

Europe is a dream place for me. Yet, there is also a darker side in Europe of danger threats. One third of Sofia’s residence admitted that Sofia is no more a safe place. There are high rate of crime records and robbery, many gangsters around the city. The worst part is that these gangsters are not even convicted. There are many crimes recorded in its public places, especially on undergrounds. I always wanted to experience studying in Europe but this place is not student friendly. Night outs for college is not safe here anymore. There are scammers in bars wherein they charge customers high amount of bill than it should be. I don’t want to lose so much money for just a night life.

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4. Belem, Brazil (South America)

Belem is the entry to Amazon Jungle. Many people have died protecting it. Also if I would go here, I need to take care of my health because malaria is well spread in this place. Cocaine is widespread in Belem too. It has been the passage of drugs in the near countries. There are lots of drug traffickers in this city which leads to other crimes like homicide and other violence. Many citizens here are drug addicts.

Drugs are illegal everywhere, so why would I go to city with prosperous drug supplies? I might get pushed to take drugs here, which is a nightmare for me. So I’d rather visit other safer places. I don’t want to get prisoned because of drug abuse especially if I’m just a tourist in this place.

5. Flint, USA (North America)travel to flint

There are high rape records in Flint Michigan. There is a decline of security for women. Not also suspects are arrested. There are also cases of assault, violence and robbery. It is now considered as the most dangerous city of United States as recorded by crime investigation. There is a decline in economic status of Flint. Many suffer from almost unending poverty. Less job offers all over the city.

Many residents migrate to other cities because of poverty, leading to abandoned houses and physical infrastructures. Buildings that are strongly managed before are now destroyed. It is now replaced with weeds and useless materials. More buildings are being destroyed than being built up. There are now problems with building permits. There are no more funds for public places and utilities. Schools cannot be maintained well. Teachers do not get their monthly salaries anymore. Same happens with policemen and firemen, the operation even stopped. Public transportation is suffering. Worst, garbage collecting process cannot even be maintained.

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Flint was once a successful city. Many benefit from its rise. Many people got high incomes from its industries and the place was well maintained. But change is inevitable. If I were a resident here, I would also have a second though of living here. I might starve here and become lifeless, though not literally. So maybe migration is the big solution. I have no plans of even being a tourist here. As it was said, there is a poor maintenance of public utilities. In fact, there are no tourist spots here. It is merely an evacuated place.

travel to cape town

6. Cape Town, South Africa (Africa)

Cape Town is one of the most dreadful cities in Africa. There is a high crime rate during nigh time. Crimes here don’t choose whether in what economic status a person is in. Women are always in danger in this city. There is also a high homicide rate here. Tourists here are being murdered and killed. There is a high rate of car hijacking by drug addict people. Gang warfare of drug addict is also prevalent. There is no sure security in Cape Town especially for tourists like me. I would just choose other peaceful cities instead of visiting it.

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