Nyon To Geneva By Train


Nyon’s Musee de la Porcelaine is a modest castle with an excellent location. It is an open museum about porcelain with a magnificent view of Lake Geneva. The castle is located atop a hill, offering a magical view of the surface of the lake, the whole town at a glance, and the expanse of the lake view on the other side. The building was created since the XII century, and then rebuilt. Now the castle is a museum of history and porcelain. In Nyon, 300 years ago this was a porcelain factory which also functions as well-preserved prison cells for hardcore criminals.

Nyon To Geneva By Train


Lake Geneva is like a huge croissant between the French Savoy and the Swiss cantons. It is the most beautiful part of Switzerland where the mountains are literally “falling into the water”. The lake is worth a look, feed the swans’ ducks and other birds, walk along the waterfront, and even if there is so much crowd, it is generally quite calm.

Here are the available modes of transport from Nyon to Geneva.

Nyon To Geneva By Train

The Nyon to Geneva railway route is accessible via the

Swiss Railways Service (SBB/CFF/FFS); take the Line Interreggio and the Regional-Express. The travel time is 14 minutes and an express train departs every 15 minutes. The first class one way ticket can purchased for US$20, while the second class one way ticket can be availed for US$12. To get all the necessary information, visit this link: http://www.sbb.ch/en/home.html

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Nyon To Geneva By Train

Nyon To Geneva By Bus

The distance between Nyon to Geneva is 29 km. You can take the bus ride that hails from Nyon and bound to Geneve Mont- Blanc bus station. The travel time is one hour and 15 minutes. The one way bus fare is approximately US$15. To get all the details of bus transport, check here: http://www.cgn.ch/en-gb/accueil.aspx

If you prefer to drive from Nyon to Geneva; the travel time is 22 minutes.

Nyon To Geneva By Plane

There is no flight service that covers the Nyon to Geneva flight route.

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