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If you decide to come to Czech Republic don’t make mistake to limit your experience to Prague – it’s a wonderful city but 2 days there are enough, and, as an international metropoly it misses typical Czech charecter.

If you have time make sure you visit – Ceski Krumlov (crazy artist town), Kutna Hora (noble and beautiful), Mikulov (gorgeous capital of vineyards, with splendid architecture and best white wines), Ceski Raj – paradise of rock formations for climbers and hikers….

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  1. Yeah, you can visit the brewery in Pilsen for example.. 8 ) For sure, i think the places around the big cities are well worth seeing, too. And you can get an other view of the country! But a trip to Prague is essential, the city is so pretty and ancient..

  2. Yes that is true, don’t limit your expectations about Prague. Prague is really a great and worth to visit because of its spectacular tourist spots there.

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