Nha Trang – Sun Light, Wind And Sand

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As a coastal city and a center of political, economic, cultural, tourism province of Khanh Hoa. It is also known as a city of festivals: Festival of the Sea, Miss Universe 2008, Miss World 2010 … The beaches of this city has turned this place into a scenic collection draw many tourists to this place.
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It has a mild climate, convenient transportation both on the waterway, road, air and rail. Especially in Nha Trang is the largest railway station in north-south railway line in Vietnam. All rail lines will stop here. In addition to the Unified board, there are two train-SN1, SN3-4 and more recently the first train ran 5 star Saigon-Nha Trang route.

Nha Trang with blessed conditions both of location, landscape, climate, along with a background in human history and created a Nha Trang capable of developing many diverse forms of tourism ./

Looking East – South Nha Trang is a cluster of adjacent islands, the largest width near Hon Tre 25km2. The island by sailing takes 2 hours while the machine about 20 minutes boat ride. Hon Tre Island is the largest on the Gulf of Nha Trang city of Nha Trang 5km to the east and Cau Da Port 3.5 km. From here straight off a small island some more. The main advantage of the island with private beach, the beach is clean as a quiet, beautiful to Nha Trang . When visiting the island visitors will be even more surprising as the cable cars over the longest in Southeast Asia by Hon Tre island linking the tourist Vinpearl to Cau Da Port .

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In western Nha Trang is immense mountains with the peaks around 1000m, with many animals, birds. Visitors can participate in hunting sessions interesting.

Another popular place is not too bad Hon Tre Island is Nha Phu lagoon , is one of the largest lagoon of Khanh Hoa . Dam Nha Phu is located at the foot of Hon Heo city of Nha Trang about 15 km, dress runs about ten kilometers wide and about 1500 it has grown to more ha.Noi resort ideal, gives visitors unforgettable time: Hon Lao , Hon Thi , Suoi Hoa Lan Van Ninh and resorts with bungalows adjacent folds water’s edge.

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A familiar place names attached to Nha Trang where people mention the Hon Chong . A natural landscapes in the city of Nha Trang , the clusters Puppetry of two clusters of large rocks along the coast foothills Lasan. This area is a rock are stacked in a natural way. There is also the wife of Hon nearby bays and Assembly Hall Nha Trang Hue ruong shaped house was built at the top.

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Visiting Stone-Villa Bridge Floor Bao Dai 6km from the center of the city, a historical culture, a cluster of villas famous hotels of the city Nha Trang . And this is also a beautiful architectural works , there is a harmonious combination between the French colonial style with Oriental garden art. This was the resting place of King Bao Dai and Queen Nam Phuong. It is built on three hills to the sea of flame protruding Chut Mountain (Mountain Landscape Long), the Stone Bridge colonized. Here, visitors not only enjoy fresh air, but also a chance to look at the beauty of the coastal city of Nha Trang .
You’ve heard of Cham towers in Quang Nam, Ninh Thuan is in Nha Trang is famous not least by the tower she a relic of the Cham people remain here. It seems that visitors to Nha Trang and visit her tower . The population pyramid Ms. Nha Trang has existed over the centuries, including four tower project has been ravaged by war and was rebuilt several times.
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Take time in the main tower visitors can admire the towers 22.48 m set Ponagar stone statue that used to be the gold was stolen. 260cm with 10 hands high statue sits on a square next to Yoni 150cm. Here, visitors have worshiping, please hexagram to bring good luck, to account for the family. Guests will have the opportunity to participate in the festival every special place as the festival instead of her clothes and bathing.

Go about another 45km, visitors will get to catch Yangbay are caught deep in the fertile forest and mountains, at an altitude of 100 meters over sea level. When we came here then you will enjoy the cool air of the mountain peninsula, mountainous landscape, waterfall blend together. Then visit to the waterfall artificial Yangkhang (Yangbay1)’ll spoiled immersed in mining water, cool.

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Leaving operators Yangbay to Monkey Island Fruits as a few thousand monkeys Son. Here, not only sea monkeys, but also very beautiful. Diving deep is the water supply: clouds flower carpet anemones as agitated, each colorful fish swim in the clouds of coral, clouds of coral roses blooming toe like the ocean. But visitors do “addiction” will climb high cliffs or steep to try caving cave deep under water. Visitors can stand on the highest ledge of Puppetry to admire the sea, blue sky. Looking far away as Hon Yen, Cau Da Port , the non-labor goods.

Visiting home Long Son Pagoda , also known as the White Buddha Pagoda is located at the foot of Mount Trai Thuy – Nha Trang . It was built over a hundred years ago and is now one of the most famous temple in Khanh Hoa . Located in a campus 44.5m wide, 72m long. Besides the lecture hall of the temple was Buddhist School of Khanh Hoa and the headquarters of the Buddhist Church of Khanh Hoa . 1,670 m² large main hall, a bronze Buddha statues sitting in lecture, 1.6 m high, weighs 700 kg. Chua statue Kim Buddha Shrine (also known as the White Buddha) are classified in Vietnam Guinness: “The temple has an outdoor statue of Buddha in Vietnam,” the 21 m high, base stations to high-sen 7 m. Around the lotus is the portrait of the seven monks, have great virtue of self-immolation to protest the persecution of Buddhists by the Ngo Dinh Diem.

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Tourists are not only fun, visit the many beautiful landscapes, but here also enjoy dishes characterized Nha Trang . With pie soup unlike any in the local at all, of the individual sweeteners in place plus bread soup powder to create a memorable flavor for those who come here.

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