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Travel to Luxembourg

I would like to share my experiences during my last trip to Luxembourg. Rather let me say, we planned the visit as me and my wife wanted to go there since a long time. We had heard a lot about the place from many of our friends and had always desired to go there once in lifetime.

To reach Luxembourg, we took a train from Maastricht. On the way we stopped at Clervaux in Chateau to see the Battle of the Bulge museum, which is a nice place to get a glimpse of the history of the place. One warning for the travellers is that there are no luggage lockers at the station and it will be a bit of an issue to put your luggage in safety. We could manage that by requesting a nearby hotel to keep our luggage till the time we took to see the town and the museum. From Clervaux we moved to Ettelbruck, another nice place to visit while on trip to Luxembourg. We had to wait there for about an hour to get the bus to Vianden.

Travel to Luxembourg

Vianden is a really nice solitary place located in the Our River Valley. It has a beautiful small fortress looking over the whole region and a place to must see once. The town has a very medieval look and gives you a glimpse of the forgone era. There are many good hotels in the middle of the town, and we stayed in one of them. The hotel was neat and clean with good service and close to the city town hall. The food was good, especially the dinner which the hotel served on roof top in the breathtaking view of the nearby river. A wonderful experience indeed!

Next day we visited the fortress. There were no guides to guide so we just loitered around in different corners of the castle, but a nice place giving some very good views of the nearby area. The chapel of the castle was especially good and worth a visit.

In the evening we took the train to Luxembourg. We reached there in night and settled for one good hotel, which are not difficult to find as there are many options to choose from to fit in your any budget. We stayed in the Carlton Hotel which was located close to the station and thus convenient to us. On arrival the hotel gave us a brochure giving details of all the places to see in and around Luxembourg.

Travel to Luxembourg

We spent the whole of the next day, till late evening in exploring the Luxembourg City. Let me admit that it is one of the most splendid places that we have ever visited. Though the geographical location of city is certainly a plus but there are many attractions to go through like the heritage buildings, great museum that are showcasing a long history of the place from different angles etc.

We decided to explore the city on foot to get real feel of it. So, we took a bus from our hotel to the city centre. We were both amazed to see the Constitution Square, which was much more in person than we had heard about it. Afterwards we moved to the Grund, a city some distance away in Pétrusse Valley, on the other side of the great Adolphe Bridge. All tourists are advised to try atleast once the ride of Pétrusse Express, which is actually a small train, running on rubber wheels and that goes to the trip of Alzette & Pétrusse valleys. From the train one side we can see the great view of the valley. There is also the facility to know the history of the city of Luxembourg through the earphone system available in the train. You can choose the commentary in your native language. The train takes the tourists through various parts of city, various gardens and many places of historical and tourist interest. After the train ride it dropped us back into the Constitutional Square. The place is just fantastic and one must not lose the photo opportunity there. There is one beautiful statue located in the centre of the square called the Golden lady. It has been installed to remember the people who perished in the Luxembourg’s wars.

Travel to Luxembourg

After seeing the square we walked to the nearby Our lady Gothic Cathedral.  On the entrance there is one beautiful statue of Saint Joseph with Christ and Jabob, Abraham on both sides. The altar of the cathedral is painted all in red and golden and looks very beautiful. Here Photography is allowed so one must not miss the opportunity.

From the lady cathedral we visited the Town hall at Place Guillaume II and then to the Ducal Palace. The tourists are not allowed to go inside the Ducal Palace, so this can be seen and photographed only from the outside, but a really great building. After seeing the nearby three towers, we moved on to Bock Casemates. This is the only place where one can still see the various layers of fortification built to protect the city. At present, at most of the places it has been removed but some parts are still available at the Bock Casemates.

Till that time we were quite hungry and decided to have quick lunch. If you are a food lover there are numerous options for you to choose from for all kind of tastes and preference, be it vegetarian or non-vegetarian. We selected a town hall cafe and took a quick coffee with pastries and cake. Then we moved on to see the St. Michaels Church and further to the Chemin du Cornice.

Travel to Luxembourg

At Corniche we could see a place which is said to have the most beautiful balcony of Europe. There is also the gate of Grund nearby which offers some of the great views of the valley below.

After seeing the main city we moved to Grund, located below in the valley at the meeting points of the rivers of Alzette and the Petrusse. The main attraction of Grund is the city park which is worth strolling through.

Also down there is a beautiful park that is certainly worth a stroll through. You will find steps at various places to take you back up to the top, but I would suggest using the elevator, which is near the Grund.

When in Luxembourg, one should not miss to walk around near the Chemin de la Corniche, to get glimpse of some of the valley’s best views. The place is really fantastic and we returned from there with feeling that we could not get enough time to explore the place in its true spirit. If given a chance me and my wife will definitely like to go back to the place once again.

We spent two days in Luxembourg and let me admit that it was the best time of our lives. The place is really serene, quite and has a history of its own in every nook and corner. The people there are friendly and they love to talk. On the day of our departure, we took a bus from our hotel up to the railway station and then took our train back to Maastricht. We left with everlasting memory of the place and with resolve to come back again. It was really a nicely spent vacation. We shall suggest that all must visit the place at least once.

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