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Are you thinking of some of the coolest environmentally friendly and beautiful places to be in 2021 with your family? We have listed some natural places where you can visit and have great fun.

Costa Rica

costa rica

Costa Rica is the world first carbon-neutral destination, its name Costa Rica phrase pura vida (pure life) has taken a new shape in that the country ran exclusively on energy for a record-breaking 75 days in 2021 and 94% of its energy is from a renewable source.

Inasmuch as it has smoldering volcanoes and heavenly beaches but one of the things that make it outstanding is it rainforest which most time Finca Bellavista the tree house community of Costa Rica takes advantage of it.

Finca is known to be a self sustaining community enriched with its own fruit and vegetables gardens bio-digesters for sewage and zip-wires for transport.



Ecuador is the first country to recognize the rights of nature in its constitution, it is among the last bastions of South American cloud forest with a huge hurl of Amazon rainforest laying claim to the Galapagos Island.

Ecuador at the World Travel Awards in 2013 and 2014 was named the World Leading Green Destination. One the environmental issues in the country is the oil reserve that lies beneath the rainforest though it is still offers a good eco lodges in South America because it is one of the best destination one can never afford not to visit .

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A visit in Rwanda on the last Saturday of the month will certainly thrilling you because that day is a national housekeeping day where the citizens including the president comes out to clean their country which is as a result of plastics bags that has been banned in the country, making Rwanda one of the neatest country.

Its ecosystem and conservation efforts are simply amazing with lots of mountain gorillas with the plans of reintroducing lions and rhinos to Akagera National Park before the year run out.



The former president of Uruguay José Mujica, was indeed a pacesetter who during his regime was when the country became the first to legalize weed. The nation is also known to be endowed with beautiful environments.

95% of their electricity this year will be generated through water agriculture and wind, certainly the nation is working on how to operate without oil while Cabo Polonio on the coast is offering tourist a basic lifestyle of no road, electricity and candlelit meals.

Recife, Brazil

Recife, Brazil

In Recife you have more than enough to mesmerize every visitor like other southern countries, it is the city for Urban LEDS initiative and has a colourful colonial constructions, rainforest, gardens of golden sand, warm sapphire seas, glass skyscrapers with a lovely green space.

Most of this green space land is protected under the conservation laws, the country is making Capibaribe River navigable for the reduction of cars. New bike lanes, Afforestation and public LED lightings are in the pipelines with buildings which are higher than four floors.

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