Naples To Pompeii By Train


The Bourbon Tunnel is an interesting place in Naples that will give you an idea about the cruelties of WW II. It’s like taking a journey into the past with the Bourbons until after the Second World War when the tunnel was used as a shelter to protect them from the bombing and strafing activities in Naples.

Naples To Pompeii By Train


Pompeii is one of the touristy places in Italy that you have to see at least once in your life. If you visit the Ancient Pompeii, you’ll feel like going back in time for thousands of years and make you enjoy what remains of a city during the time of colonization. Travel tip: In summer, bring your own snack and drinks, there are guides available but most of the shops are closed.

Here are the available modes of transport from Naples to Pompeii…

Naples To Pompeii By Train

If you travel by train, you can take the Linea Napoli railway route when going to Pompeii from Naples. The journey begins at the Porta Nolana train station where trains bound to Pompei Scavi – Villa dei Misteri train station departs every 30 minutes. The travel time is 45 minutes. The one way train ticket is approximately US$4. To get the details of train arrivals and departures, get the latest updates from this site:

Naples To Pompeii By Train

Naples To Pompeii By Bus

The distance between Naples to Pompeii is 26 km. There are four bus transport companies that cover this route namely; Sita Sud’s Line 5001, Viaggi Ruocco, Curreriviaggi, and Sulga. The fastest option for bus transport is via Sita Sud’s Line 5001, because the travel time is within 47 minutes. The one way bus ticket can be purchased for US$4. To know more about the latest bus schedule, simply check on this site:

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Travelling by car or hailing a cab is also a viable option when travelling from Naples to Pompeii; the travel time is 22 minutes.

Naples To Pompeii By Plane

There are no commercial airlines that cover the flight route from Naples to Pompeii.

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