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On deciding for my winter vacation, I was so much interested to visit Hungary after reading quite of blogs of a famous travel blogger. Also I have read that Hungary was one among the top 50 popular tourist spot. I had planned touring central Europe with one of my colleague. It was quite thrilling for both of us to hangout in Hungary, but the language is a barrier. We came to know that about 98% of the people speak only Hungarian.

travel to Hungary

First day at Budapest

When I landed in Hungary, I took a rental car to Budapest. The architectural beauty of the capital city was beyond my expectations. Buda castle was an amazing place; the site is on the top of hill where we can view the banks of the river. I was so much excited in taking photographs on different spots from the castle. There are few museums present within the castle, which are so magnificent to look around.

We spent few hours hanging around the castle. Then we moved on to the next site by crossing the parliament building which looked very elegant. Another marvelous site near parliament is Szechenyi chain bridge, which was laid across the river Danube. We visited the bridge during night time and saw it with the lightings, which were so brilliant and added excellence to the structure.

travel to Hungary

City of spas

Budapest is not only known for its unique ad wonderful landscape; it also famous for spas. There are about 130 spas all over Hungary; the local tourist guide said so. So at the end of the day we both decided to go for a luxury spa to relax our travel tiredness. I was able to see few best baths and spas in the northern great plain region. There are separate saunas, swimming pools, spas, stem baths and plunge baths available.

Visit to Tihany

The next day after enjoying breakfast, I looked for a local tourist guide and he took us to Tihany, which is a pretty little town in Hungary. Tihany was about 300 km from Budapest; we visited Lake Balaton which is the largest lake in Hungary. There are two rivers aside; one is Zala River which gets the water into Balaton and the other is canalized Sio, from where the water flows out. I was also feeling so excited to go for ice skating at Lake Balaton since it was a winter trip. It was a lovely experience for me to do fishing in ice holes. We took an uphill drive from ferry crossing a town Zamardi to reach Tihany. It took nearly 30 minutes to reach the other side of the Lake Balaton.

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travel to Hungary

Next I was directed to Abbey church, which was built in 1754 with fantastic architecture, carvings and altars. I saw many creative master piece art works in the church which were referring many scenarios. We walked through many roads of the village experiencing the life in Tihany. Along the roadside there were many pottery shops, bouquet shops, ceramic shops and some other hand made decorative items, which shows the architectural curiosity of those people.

The land is generally flat with few hills occupied with wetland. There are plenty of things to watch out in towns, villages and cities of Hungary. Hungary is a good destination for the art lovers and has its natural beauty surrounded. Lake Tisza was surprising scenery to me, it was an artificial lake created for the sake of wildlife. It has been a peaceful place and the spot is so pleasing. I enjoyed the best sights of the towns and cities of Hungary.

travel to Hungary

Memorable places in Hungary

Hungary is good place to visit between the months of April to October. I can say Hungary as a good, attractive tourist spot which has remarkable touristers visiting all over the years. From my experience, I have a list of spots which people should not really miss. Those include Buda castle, Hero’s square, Art museum, torture house and Danube. Hungary tourism offer good packages to visit in different spots together within the budget.

Food and travel

The Hungarian restaurants are quite good and expensive and it is rare to fine street stalls. When compared to airlines and buses, the train travel is quite less expensive in Hungary. The accommodation and food in the guest houses ranges according to the sophistication. It is the ancient country with many historic monuments and now it is growing tourist destination. Tourist guides gave fascination stories on history during long walks. Hungarian Goulash has been a popular dish, which is made of spicy paprika. This is also said to be a highly exported product. The Hungarian international cuisine was served in the elegant restaurants of Hungary. Prices are comparatively good when compared to other European nations.

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Plan your tour

If you are getting interested in planning a vacation, do research about the place you are interested to visit. It will be more enjoyable when you plan for a tour with your family members to a country like Hungary. I could not accompany my family and kids to this long distant trip since this is winter. This is a highly recommended country for the museum lovers and those who are interested in arts can follow each master piece with lots of interest.

I and my colleague were stunned many times on seeing the museums with the roman style statues, gateways and portraits. He really enjoyed the trip and the conversation between us was so sound after visiting few places. We were not in a mood to retire, unless we felt the tiredness. The sceneries were so natural and eye catching. But not all other European countries are peaceful like Hungary. For an ideal trip, go for good packages and find trains, flight, hotels and restaurants before you land there. Nice Hangout is possible only when you are well planned.

There are small towns where there are hidden beauties and they are largely known for their culture and tradition. It will take few more days to visit all over Hungary. Apart from the landscapes, Hungary has its own culture and heritage in art and music. If I get another chance I will definitely take my family and kids to hangout a similar peaceful country. Tourism serves so friendly to the travelers and helps them in finding nice places to stay, hangout and shows the affordable mode of travel too. Whenever you go on a tour first thing you need to do is getting the maps of that place.

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Better ideas

The travels are good in spotting a better place to visit; therefore we always had clear suggestions from them, as they are experienced. Plan a good trip with enough days spend on your vacation. Always decide to go for cool countries during summer and hot countries during winter. Make sure you are on the right track and do not miss any part of the country, since we cannot visit frequently to those far off places. I had a perfect planning of short trip in 10 days duration. I booked the tickets before a month and listed few things to do. You should not board with a huge backpack be comfort with your belongings. If you are directed with a GPS service along with you, that would be much better. In case if you do not have such a facility, then get the help of the local tourist guide they will help you in many ways.

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