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Last month, we had one week off. My best friend and I decided to make our break enjoyable. We always longed to visit Ukraine

travel to Ukraine

as we had never seen that part of Europe. Finally, we agreed to spend our vacations in Ukraine. Our travel to Ukraine was filled with extreme fun. Beauty is in the air of Ukraine. It is probably one of the most beautiful places that we have ever seen.

Ukraine is dotted with numerous destinations which include theaters, cultural heritages, museums, and some ancient ruins. There are some marvelous scenic beauties also that would remain under your mind for a long time. We both agreed to make Kiev our first destination. It is the capital city of Ukraine. Well, Kiev is the perfect choice to give a start to your tour to Ukraine.

Our first day in Kiev started at an excellent note. We had our breakfast in our hotel and left for the Mykola Syadristy Micro-miniatures Museum which is the most liked tourist attraction of this beautiful city. It is situated in Pechersk Lavra area. You might have seen many museums which display antique statues and other memorials. But this museum has something different under its wings. Here, you get to see many micro-miniatures through microscope. You could never imagine such tiny sculptures even in your dreams. This is something that you have to see to believe on. There were some mind blowing artistry on hollowed hairs and pins. It was something out of the world. I have seen some museums where they put such micro-miniatures in

travel to Ukraineexhibition but it was an amazing and completely different experience to observe them through microscopes. This really makes you feel like an archeologist. This place is very unique and amazing. You could never find something like this anywhere else. This place is worth to visit. You would get a lifetime experience and everlasting memories from this place. Five stars to this place!

We were very happy because we had got a great start to our vacations. Now, we were looking for a place away from the noisy streets. We wanted to chill out in the breeze of Ukraine. So, we headed to Landscape Alley. This place offers a terrific stroll along the hilltop. There are some magnificent sculptures which add to the splendor of this place. You could see many couples enjoying the romantic moments. It’s a very romantic place if you have your girlfriend or wife with you. The scenic beauty of this place would make you fall in love with it. It is very unusual place and unquestionably worth to visit. Highly recommended to everyone!

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It was getting dark when we moved out of Landscape Alley. This place is located very near to city center. We had planne

d to visit House of Chimera in the evening. It is situated at a walking distance from Landscape Alley. We just headed to the House of Chimera. It took us about 20 minutes to reach there and we were stunned at the view. This house is a real wonder. I have never seen such wonderful art anywhere else. Many majestic sculptures of fairies make you feel like watching a fairy land. We used to see such houses in our fairytale books. This house looks wonderful under the moonlight, so try to visit here at night. It is not allowed to go inside but watching this wonder from the street is amazing. This was really one of the most wonderful moments of our travel. There is also a very interesting story related to this house. The talented man who actually

travel to Ukraine

built this house had to sell it because of financial troubles. Add this place to your ‘must visit’ in Ukraine.

Ukraine is known for its architectural beauties and cultural heritage. You could find some masterpieces of architecture in Kiev. St. Sophia Cathedral is one of those architectural masterpieces. This stunning cathedral was built in 11th century. Owing to its creative beauty and uniqueness, it was declared a World Heritage Site in 1990. Its architecture is simply mind-blowin

g and it will surely take your heart away. It is one of the most gorgeous cathedrals in the world. The most wonderful view of Kiev could be seen from one of the towers of this gorgeous cathedral. This place is really very peaceful and hundreds of candles in the cathedral add it its peace and warmth. Make sure to visit this fantastic cathedral to make your Ukraine travel even more wonderful. The miraculous architecture of this cathedral would add some magical moments in your travel.

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Well, music is the real delight of life. Music always adds a taste to life. We were missing that taste so we decided to go for an opera show. National Opera House-Ukraine is the place where we enjoyed the opera show. The building of National Opera House is outstanding. As you walk in the gallery, you could see some sculptures of golden angels. They look like as if they are smiling on us. The opera show was simply awesome. We also enjoyed a ballet dance show. I must say that the performers were extremely talented. Aside from the awesome shows, the interior of the hall is spectacular and its blue ceiling and shining stars make it awe-inspiring. Even if you are not a fan of opera or ballet; you must visit this place to see its wonderful architecture. You won’t be disappointed.

Another place that you must see in Ukraine is the Swallow Nest. It is situated in Yalta. The location of Swallow Nest is awe-inspiring. It is an outstanding castle sited on the end of a cliff. There is beautiful river on the feet of this cliff. This castle

travel to UkraineThere is a heaven for wine lovers in Yalta. Well, if you love wine then you would definitely love Massandra Winery. The architecture of this winery would take you back to old times. You could enjoy a wide range of wine. They have abundant variety of wine. We tried a White Musket wine. Its taste was amazing and now it’s my favorite. You should try out some wine at this place. You would love it for sure. is very scenic and offers breathtaking views along the coast. There is a small and beautiful beach beneath this cliff. We walked down to the beach. It was lovely. It was great to spend time on that beach. This is a perfect location for clicking many photographs. We also captured the moments in our camera. We did take some pictures of the castle too. It looks awesome. Don’t miss this place in Ukraine. It’s beautiful.

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A tour to Ukraine could never be completed without visiting Odessa. This city has some stunning buildings. It is famous for Odessa State Academicals Opera and Ballet Theater. The building was magnificent and the awesome was really awesome. It is really worth a visit. Another place that you must not miss in this city is the Primorsky Boulevard. It’s a perfect place to spend an evening. You would love to walk in a lovely tree line. The beautiful sculptures and superb flora and fauna enhance the beauty of this place. Highly recommended!travel to Ukraine

Our Ukraine travel was full of fun and beauty. We could not explore every part of Ukraine but we would do it in our next travel that we are already planning. Ukraine is recommended to every person who loves creativity, beauty and peace.

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