My Memorable Visit To Burma

Travel to Burma

I started planning for a tour to Burma for quite a long time because I wanted to have a good time there as I spend my annual holiday leave. I must admit that my travel was very fruitful even though there were some few dangers that I experienced here and there. It is still a good place to have your holiday tour moving to different towns of Burma and to wonderful places of nature, culture and religion. It was quite good but I also faced some problems.

I started my tour from the capital city of Burma called the Rangoon which was initially known as Yangon. I decided to visit the Shwedagon pagoda for some few hours to see the different shrines in the temple complex and how the Burmese actually take their Buddhist faith seriously. It was worth visiting and I can recommend this magnificent Shwedagon to anyone visiting the capital city of Burma. This is a very magnificently built place and looking very perfect for religious purpose of the Buddhists. It was quite amazing seeing how they carry out their prayers in the temple.

Travel to Burma

I also ventured out of the main city by taking a trip to another nearby small town called Twante where I enjoyed a ferry journey across the Rangoon River which was a wonderful experience for me.

I went to local market in Twante to see what they have in stock within the market before I headed to the villages to interact with the locals and have a view of their pottery work. After some time, I decided to go and have a walk through the Htaukkyan Rangoon World War Two cemetery just in the outskirts of the city. It was good having gone to these places.

However, I also experienced some difficulties and dangers in this city. To start with, I experienced difficulties walking through the uneven pavements of Rangoon with some large cracks and even big holes in some places. I also had a problem a hydration problem since this place is just very hot and I did not carry enough water around while having my walk.

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Travel to Burma

The power cuts just made me horrible in this place with my mobile cell phones going off yet the power can be switched off any time. I realised that it is also advisable to carry some touch with you in case it is switched off during the night and you actually need some light. This was quite irritating for me.

When I moved to Bagan, I realised that these people only uses the US dollar currency. There were vendors selling clothes and other commodities at various sites that I visited but they only accept US currency and any other currency is not accepted there.

Another thing that gave me a lot of fear is the snakes in Burma. When I was walking along a small river I saw a big snake from far and I became very frightened. When I tried to find out from the locals, they told me that I should be very careful when walking along the rivers and watery places because snakes like such dumb places and there are several of them in Burma. They even have some snakes that can grow too big to swallow a child within Burma. The mostly known snake is the biggest Burmese python. It is advisable to carry a torch while walking there and have some good footwear.

Travel to Burma

I actually wanted to see the most famous Golden Rock Pagoda which is known to be one of the sacred places for the Buddhist pilgrimages. When I went there, it was quite amazing Rock that is perfectly balanced on the edge of the mountain and totally covered by the gold leaf. This is a very remarkable feature that no one can afford to miss if they happen to have a visit to Burma. I loved it a lot. I actually devoted myself to climb up the rock with some of the Buddhists from Kyaiktiyo town. It took us like five hour but it was such a great event and I loved it.

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I decided to have a visit to a great and very old mountain around. That was mount Popa where I enjoyed the beauty of nature and trying to climb it a little bit. This happened the following day after having a great rest from climbing the famous Golden Rock.

It was a great adventure to be there and climb along although I got very exhausted and dehydrated due to the hot dry weather that made the place quite hot. This place is a bit hot and it is advisable to have such tours in the morning hours and to carry a lot of water around. The place is usually known to the locals as the oasis of dry zone because of its different weather.

Travel to Burma

I got some forms of minor injuries while climbing these great mountains and rocks and i have to advise that you should be very careful and have a travel insurance to cater for all that. I was glad because I had a very good travel insurance that made it easier for me as the hospitals there were also very few, a bit far and of little technology.

Another bad experience was the mosquitoes that even added to m injuries by spreading the malaria. I looked for the mosquito repellent in vain. It is always advisable to carry your own mosquito repellent while having your travel in Burma because in the evenings, the mosquitoes are just too much and I had to wear the long sleeved clothes to keep them away from biting my hands.

I also visited mount Bopa where I realised how beautiful the land of Burma is blessed with several nice mountains to visit. However, this place was just so full of monkeys everywhere who are not shy at all. They were looking good but they irritated me with their bad behaviour of peeing and they also poo everywhere in the mountain making it unbearable to walk bare footed. It also smelt badly because of that.

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I took another life of getting to beach to have some fun and I visited the Ngapali beach, the unspoiled stretch of coast. It was such a beautiful place to be and I also loved the boat trips and nine-hole golf course leisure facilities within the beach. I really enjoyed myself with the soothing white sands and the shade of those beautiful palm trees. I also explored the traditional region of the place with the thatched houses and a market place. However, there were very few resorts to venture in around this place. I became very bored after a few days here because there was no nightlife and no fun at all.

Apart from the few difficulties and the dangers that I experienced in the places I visited in Burma, it was a good place to visit and I can recommend it to anyone who wants to tour the nature and have a little fu. However, you should be careful of the aforementioned difficulties and dangers that you may come across. It is therefore advisable to take precautions while planning such a visit and ensure that you have enough water, mosquito repellent and you should also be very careful with the snakes but most of all, enjoy it all.

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