My Holiday In Cancun

Holiday In CancunAfter years of studying, I have finally landed a full time job. I start in two months and all I want to do before I truly enter the “grown up” world, is have one last awesome holiday. About six years ago, I traveled to Cancun. It was a present from my parents for being accepted into the university of my choice and I had the best time ever. Every single day since I came back, I have been dreaming of going on another holiday in Cancun. So now that I have the time, I’ve booked myself another visit. I’ve holiday in cancunspent the last few years saving up and I’m happy to blow all my savings on this holiday in Cancun, since I have got a job lined up. So, I want to see everything I saw last time, re-experience the amazing feelings I had when I was there, and I want to see some things I couldn’t see when I was last there. Last time, I was young and silly, so I spent most of my time lazying about on the beach, sleeping off the hangover from the night before, just to get ready to go out again on the night.

holiday in cancunDon’t get me wrong, the nightlife in Cancun is absolutely amazing, and I plan to thoroughly enjoy it again. In fact, the first place I will go to when I am on holiday in Cancun again is the Hotel Zone. Last time I was on holiday in Cancun, I was sipping a gorgeous cocktail, watching the sun setting when the entire bar suddenly erupted in a spontaneous conga line! It was amazing! And there are sudden, unplanned shows that make you feel like you’ve mysteriously woken up in Las Vegas. However, I think that this time, I will also spend a little bit more time around Yaxchilan Avenue. This is where most of the local people tend to go to, because it’s a lot cheaper and less geared at tourists. I want to experience the real feeling of Cancun, what it is like for people who actually have the joy of living here.

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The other thing I will most certainly be repeating is the time I spend on the beaches. Best of all, I don’t even need to feel guilty about this. From my last holiday in Cancun, I remember that Life simply doesn’t start here until after 11 in the morning holiday in cancunand since I am an early riser, I will be able to enjoy the beautiful white sandy beaches all by myself every morning. Last time I was on holiday in Cancun, I was a bit scared of swimming in the real ocean and went to the parts facing Isla Mujeres, where the water is a lot more gentle. However, I’m a big girl now and I am a good swimmer, so I think I will be joining the local crowd at the beaches right on the edge of the ocean. It is a once in a lifetime opportunity – well, twice in a lifetime for me, but I missed out on it last time – so I must take it.

As a fully fledged university graduate, I do feel that I have to do some grown up things as well. Not just because that’s simply what we are supposed to do, but also because I’m genuinely interested. So, one of the first things I will be doing is going to Valladolid and Chichen Itza. Last time I was on holiday in Cancun, I wanted to save my money to spend on the nightlife experiences, but this time I want to go see this beautiful Mayan city. I have read that it was founded in 1543 and it is commonly known as the pearl of the east. From visitors in my party who were there last time, I know that it a city that has a lot of Spanish history in it, which can be seen in the old parishes. However, the Mayan influence is still equally strong, with beautiful ancient temples. It is a very colonial town, where you can really get a sense of what life was when the Spanish Conquistadors made their way to the peninsula. The homes are painted in beautiful bright colors and the ancient convent of San Bernardino still stands, where it seems as if time stood in cancun

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Last time I was in Cancun, I also went diving and I certainly want to repeat this experience. There is nothing quite like experiencing the crystal clear waters and seeing how life happens under water. I can’t wait to go again and I am sure this time around, my experience will be even more magical than last time.

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