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Aside from enjoying a good travel and adventure, my husband and I are both passionate music lovers. Every year we go to Branson, Missouri to treat ourselves with a star studded and live musical show. It is very comforting to know that we need not go far as it is just five hours away from our home in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Aside from enjoying the musical, a rock concert, stand up comedies and magic shows we also explore the city for its ideal attractions. It is also the ultimate place for my other passion, shopping! Every year we visit Branson it never fails to leave us with a good impression.

My amazing Holidays in Branson

The first thing we check out when we visit here is the Sight and Sound Theatres. Their line of entertainment dwells more about Christianity and biblical themes. I enjoyed the musical production of Joseph the Dreamer. With a beautiful backdrop and amazing singing voices of its cast it wowed me from beginning to end. This theater which has 77 speakers and multi sound system produces the best theater audio along with its great performer’s impressive singing. Because of the slope seating arrangement on this u-shaped theater there is no danger that the view of the whole stage musical will be blocked. The 300 foot wide arena provides more seating capacity and guests to accommodate inside. A great plus factor is they have friendly and polite staff to guide us when we need something or lead us to a comfortable seat. At the lobby there is lots of great photo opportunity especially beside the lion statue near the entrance. It has reasonably priced drinks and snacks at the small café inside. The lobby is also filled with souvenir shops where we bought little key chains and shirts inspired by the current musical being shown. Inside and outside it is truly beautiful.

My amazing Holidays in Branson

A George Dyer performance always leave us breathless as this sharp fine looking well dressed man croons the night away. The finest tenor gives off a polished clear voice coupled with signature sleek moves on stage. Women swoon as he sings, young and old, men, and even kids name it he totally captures his audience. His concert rocks and drives fans to amused bewilderment and cheer. The gifted performer who was greatly influenced by the musical career of the late Frank Sinatra always performs to a sold out venue and satisfied fans. Exuding the same bravura and gusto in every performance he carries on the tradition of singing the old American standards and his own line of tremendous hit songs. He is fully backed up by his fabulous band to complete the magical evening of fun, music and laughter. He has sweet ways to show his appreciation for the people who come and see his concerts. That is so part of his charm, wit and humor, to delight his audience and thanked them sincerely by giving the best of himself every time he performs. With occasional bursts of comical relief from his antics in between songs… this guy is the MAN! The performance has to be seen as it is hard to describe how magic happens once he is on stage. His family also sings along with him on stage and it heightens the show even more.

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My amazing Holidays in Branson

My amazing Holidays in Branson

We were totally blown away by the magnificent voices and performance of the musical group SIX. Their regular performances at the Mickey Gilley Theater always leave their audiences refreshed and totally entertained. At the end of the performance they go down on stage and mingle with their captive audience, it was awesome when I get to see each of the six brothers more up close for a picture. Moving on we followed this performance by witnessing The Magic & Comedy of Taylor Reed. Held daily at the Masters of Magic Theater the show is appropriate for kids as he gamely interacts with them on each of his performances. With the ability to create numerous illusions on stage, hilarious magic sketches and a strong stage presence, it is undoubtedly the best magic show we have ever seen on this side of the city. His smooth and wonder filled performance easily connects him to his audience and we cannot help but be in awe at how fast his hands move to perform a magical trick. With low entrance fee and free magic kit for the kids it was totally worth seeing. My husband and I love it; all ages loved how dedicated he is in giving his best. It is a must see performance! After the show I get to shook his hand, take pictures, engage in a little conversation and sign autographs backstage.

My amazing Holidays in Branson

The next day we deviate from watching musicals by visiting the student run College of the Ozarks. It stands next to its own hotel and restaurant where the staff is composed mostly of the students wanting to earn extra money for their college education. They even maintain their own farm inside the college grounds so they can have fresh produce everyday at the restaurant. The courteous and polite student trainees ensure that five star luxury services are delivered thru their hotel and restaurant. We had a nice dining experience of freshly made organic salad at the terrace of their famous Keeter Center. Although we did not get to try the lodging experience on their five star hotel, the beautifully decorated lobby and lounge area creates a good impression of sophisticated sense and style. Fresh flowers welcome us to the lobby of the restaurant as well as crisp white uniformed neat looking waiter and waitresses politely wait for our orders. The food they serve was exceptional and the pastries were too sweet to resist. I bought freshly baked goodies at their fruit cake store. The facilities like the restrooms are so clean, properly located and well maintained. A mini museum can be found inside the hotel called the Ralph Foster Museum. It boasts of rare antique pieces, silver wares, toys, and all kinds of firearms.

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My amazing Holidays in Branson

The next morning, we had a thrilling and fun day as we get to ride the duck boats for rent at the Table Rock Lake. We also tried the parasailing adventure on this touristy lake attraction. Up there we get to see how huge and clean this lake is. When we took a dip in the crystal clear water was so refreshing and I can see all the way to the bottom. It was immaculate and so pretty. My husband enjoyed the bass fishing adventure and I can’t stop snapping pictures of him with his great catch. After our great water adventure we had the chance to visit the nearby Titanic Museum. We were welcomed by the Captain of the ship at the entrance and a guide that relays to us all kinds of stories about the great ship. The truth is everyone around here was in character, from the staff to the mere maintenance personnel they wore 1910 costumes up to their gestures and style of speaking. It was fun as we get to tour the lounge and the exact replica of the stairs where so many tourists wait for their turn for a picture. I bought more souvenirs like lapels and pins about the famous ship before watching an awesome performance of the Cat’s Pajamas Vocal Band that evening. They amused me the whole night with the perfect blending of their acapella and well practiced choreography.

My amazing Holidays in Branson


Branson is the most ideal place to explore because it has something for everyone, anywhere. Each time we visit this amusing musical city we always find something new to try and discover. We will definitely be back again next year.

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