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Hi everyone! I will be posting about my travels, but I really want as many people as possible to see this video.. It really touched me, we need more people like this to speak out in the world. It’s basically a video of Fort Worth council man Joel Burns making an amazing speech to reach out to young gay people and tell them that although their lives may be hard, life will get better. I’m not gay but it really affected me as I have a relative who is and am aware of how other people can be very hurtful and this prejudice should travel blog!

Anyway, please just take a few minutes to watch it, it’s a very powerful, moving clip..

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16 thoughts on “Must see video..”

  1. Wow, this man really touched my heart.
    There are only a few who have the courage to take such a leap.
    This man deserves all the respect we have to give.
    If this message did not turn minds and perspectives of victims? and abusers, then who are we to exist freely…
    I also think that this movement isn’t just gay teens but all teen who find themselves on the outside.

  2. great share sky… this is a very interesting and an inspiring video that needs an extra leap of courage to do so.
    whatever sexual preference a person has, each should show respect.

  3. Deep hearted respect for this man. clapsmiley I respect such persons.

    This video has done something inside me really we should awake now it is the time we should something about this.

    Well done nice video.


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