Must See Tourist Destinations In Uganda

Uganda is a country located in East Africa bordering Kenya, Congo, Rwanda and Tanzania. The country is rich in natural resources like mineral deposits of cobalt and copper, untapped reserves of natural gas and crude oil and its soil is fertile. It is called the Pearl of Africa with lots of tourist attraction centers and it is the home to lots of mountain gorillas. Hotels that range from the luxury five star hotels to the budget hotels are seen in most busy parts of the country and there are car hire services that make transportation smooth and easy on visitors. Kampala that is founded on seven hills is the capital of Uganda and has more than 1.2 million inhabitants according to the 2002 census.


If you love entertainment, tourism, education, commerce, politics and lots more, you can have it in Uganda. Make Uganda your destination and experience urbanization and tourism fused with luxury and beauty. It is always the favourite of thousands of tourists all through the year.

Mountain Gorilla tracking is popular in Uganda because it is the home to more than the mountain gorillas’ population in the world. A lot of visitors visit the country to witness these animals. There are more than ten families of gorillas in Bwindi Impenetrable National Park. Gorilla tracking has become a very event for those who are coming to the country.

You can explore Chimpanzee trekking, with a lot of primates having their home in this country. The Kibale National Park,Kyambura Gorge and Budongo Forest can where you would found a lot of these primates. There are lots of birds to watch when you are in Uganda. There are lots of bird activities in the country like the National Parks, the Ssese islands of Lake Victoria and Lake Victoria, where birds like African fish eagle, horn bills, Shoebill stork and Papyrus gonolek can be found.

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Uganda wildlife

Rwenzori Mountaneering is an important activity in the country. Rwenzori is known to be Africa’s biggest mountain range . A lot of sport fishing activities is carried out on the Murchison Falls National Park and Lake Victoria. There are lots of fishes to be caught in this part of the world.

You can make choice in the type of hotel you want to make use of when in Uganda and most of these hotels are designed to suit every type of visitor with facilities and beautiful architectures.

Entebbe International Airport is located in Kampala, Uganda, and it serves the locals and visitors who are coming or leaving the city.

The best time to visit Uganda for those who would want to visit the natural games reserves is from January to February for gorilla trekking and June to September is when the country is cooler and drier for tourism.

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