Museums, Mexico City

I know, when you think of Mexico orMexico City Museums are not the first thing that come to mind, but honestly, in spite of its reputation, Mexico City has a decidedly avant-garde edge when it comes to the intellectual arts.

Hey guys, it’s me again, Shelby. By now you should know me well enough to know that I really am a sucker for History and if there is one thing that Mexico City in general (and its museums in particular) have plenty of, it’s history.

No matter if it comes packaged as art or anthropology or politics, you’ll find enough museums here in Mexico City to satisfy even the most demanding historian.

I know I was nearly drooling, especially given these museums access to things like Aztec history!

Do you like archeology? Then the Museo Templo Mayor and the Templo Mayor archaeological site are definitely worth looking into.

This pyramid was unearthed in 1976 right in the heart of Mexico City.

Actually it is within spitting distance of the national Cathedral. Actually, it shouldn’t be that big of a surprise.

It is a well recorded fact that many of the oldest cathedrals and churches were built on or near prehistoric sacred sites.

Anyway, at the Museo Templo Mayor you get all sorts of fascinating information and exhibits about the Aztec Empire.

Are you more into Fine Arts? If so the Palacio de Bellas Artes (Palace of Fine Arts) might be right up your alley.

This is a truly gorgeous museum if you can find the time.

It predominately exhibits Art Deco and Art Nouveau styles in the building itself and is home to all sorts of performances in the arts (dance, music, opera, theater etc.) not to mention the fabulous Mexican murals by Rufino Tamayo or the national Museum of Architecture that is located on the top floor.

You really won’t want to miss this even if you’re not big into the arts.

Of course a list of museums for Mexico City wouldn’t be complete without an Anthropology museum. After all, with all the pre-Columbian artifacts and records available, it only makes sense.

That is what the National museum of Anthropology was built for.

It’s located in the Chapultepec Forest, but is worth a trip all of its own given the huge amount of information you’ll find there including ancient artwork and manuscripts.

If (like me) you are into art and history, you might also be interested in stopping by La Casa Azul (The Blue House) which was the home of Mexico (and Mexico City’s) most famous artist; Frida Kahlo.

You get examples of her work as well as a tour of where she actually lived and was inspired to her artwork.

There are plenty more museums here in Mexico City, not to mention a whole host of art galleries if you would rather sample some of today’s top names in art.

But no matter if your tastes run to history or anthropology, archeology or art, you are sure to find a museum to visit and one that will be well worth the trip! For me, I can’t tell you which was my favorite because I liked them all!

In fact, I’m supposed to go back to the Palacio de Bellas Artes tonight, there is a ballet performance that I just don’t want to miss!

Bye for now!

Love, Shelby (S.O.S.)

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