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Hello there,
When I can’t be travelling in reality I enjoy reading travel literature or watching movies that involve travel.

What kind of movies have you watched lately that captured all the sights and sounds of an exotic trip?

Here’s my opinion Movie List:

Anna and the King – Siam (Thailand) seen through the eyes of a foreigner trying to understand a vastly different culture.

Dances With Wolves – Native American – soldier learning the ways of the Sioux tribe

Hideous Kinky – hippy travellers in Morocco

Shogun – English pilot stranded in Japan and slowly adapting to life there

What others can you think of ?

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  1. I actually got the idea for travelling from a Robin Williams Movie that was very Dark. “What Dreams May Come”. The scene with him meeting his wife while they were sailing a boat on this little lake. I figured it was somewhere in Europe. 

  2. Hey Kimee,
    I agree, “What dreams may come” is a really great movie, and robin Williams is my favorie actor!

    I was inspired by, the classic movie of course, The Beach, and more recently the Darjeeling Limited has moved to the top of my list.  :killtravel:)

  3. The other day I have found myself saying, “You know where I really want to visit? Greece.” Why? Because of that lovable hot mess [i]Mamma Mia![/i] and the upcoming [i]Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants 2[/i]. Both are set (or, partially set, in Pants’s case) on beautiful Greek islands with many sumptuous shots of white sands and sparkling azure oceans. It’s like the ultimate product placement: I want to go where that movie is !


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