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Some animals considered the smartest and most intelligent others are just stupid.

intelligent animals

I’ve decided to compile a list of top 15 smartest animals on our planet, of course there is a place for argument nothing is math here, I’ve just based it on multiple internet sources….

So I am opening it to discussion in this traveling blog, since I know travelers like nature let alone animals….

15. Sheep

most intelligent animals

If threatened, they make large groups and run away together from predators. Can remember and identify animal face (other sheep’s in the same group) can remember and identify human faces.

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14. Pigeon

most intelligent animals

They have a great memory that can recognise themselves in the mirror, can remember hundreds of different photos and learn routes to their home from long distances.

13. Rat

travel blog

Once they’ve experienced rat trap, they wont get trap anymore!

They have a strong social relationship, If their partner dies they can be so depressed and commit a suicide.

Like dogs, can be trained to sniff out land mines and bombs.

12. Octopus

travel blog

Octopus are the smartest among all invertebrates because they can change color in less than a second, mimicking seaweed, crab, coral, etc. They can also use tools with their tentacles (e.g. open bottle).

11. Squirrel

travel blog

They can remember their home by identifying trees, bushes, flowers, etc. Every fall, they bury a thousands of nuts in many places and they can remember where to find all nuts during winter. To fool their rival, they make some “fake nuts burial”.

10. Pig

travel blog

In fact, they’re one of the cleanest and odorless animals, they have emotions, sensitivity, hurt feelings and can easily get bored. Very sociable to humans, trainable. Some say they are more trainable than dogs.

Some farmers in the U,K constantly provide different activities so the pig will not be bored.

9. Cat

travel blog

Trainable, can recognize radio, television, they can even check traffic before crossing the street. They’re smart enough to get attention (meow, rub near ankle, follow you, sit on your lap, etc.). Cats can hear and recognise their owner’s footstep or stranger’s footstep.

8. Dog

travel blogtravel blogtravel blogtravel blog

The man’s best friend, very trainable, sociable to humans, can understand commands and obedience. Can identify and remember animal or human faces they’ve met, they can recognise radio, television, etc. Dogs can be sensitive, jealous and

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they won’t forget s

omeone hurting them in their entire life.

7. Parrot

travel blog

Parrot can mimic human words, understand the meanings, can remember many words and make sentences. Well-trained, can count up to 6 and can identify many objects. They can answer simple questions and can use tools with their beak (e.g.painting).

6. Crow

travel blogmost intelligent animals

They’re the smartest among all birds, can count up to 3. Very creative because they can make and use tools without training (e.g. use branch to gather food). Sometimes they put nuts on the street and wait until a car or a pedestrian cracks the nuts, then they’ll eat the nuts.

5. Elephant

travel blogtravel blog

Elephants can recognise themselves in the mirror, very altruistic. Among other animals, they have they’re own “death ritual”. They use their trunk to take a bath, drink, get food, play, they even use tools (e.g. painting). They can mimic sounds, few human words and can understand the meaning if they’re well-trained.

4. Monkey

travel blog

Monkey can imitate humans behaviour without training and if well-trained, they can behave like humans (e.g drink from a bottle and ride bicycle). Like humans, they have egoism, vain, pride and strong relationship. If two monkeys were fighting, the relatives of one monkey will threaten the relatives of the other monkey.

3. Whale

travel blogtravel blog

They can find their relatives separated miles away in the sea, they have their own language to communicate, can call each other and have a strong friendships in a group. Whales can “sing” with their sound and can make many different “songs” in a pleasant tone.

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2. Dolphin

travel blogtravel blogtravel blog

Dolphin is the smartest aquatic animals, they can recognise themselves in the mirror. Very trainable and can hold and use different tools with their teeth for painting. They use whistling sound to communicate with best communication system among animals.

1. Great Apes

travel blogtravel blogtravel blogtravel blog

98% of the great apes genes are the same as ours, the smartest species is chimpanzee. They can recognise themselves in the mirror, they can make tools (e.g. stone to cut food), use tools (e.g. painting). Just like us, they can kiss, snuggle, tickle, laugh, can count very trainable and have their own language.

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  1. I too didn’t know that. I have a German Shaphered at home and he is quite intellegent. He listens to our commands easily.

  2. 1)Human falls on mammal so they should be listed in first list as they are social and intelligent.

  3. I never thoght whale is smart too…

    That was a great list and explaination about “Most Intelligent Animals”

    I was well informed…^_^

  4. 1. Chimpanzee

    This animal can be found in wet tropical forests and savannas of West and Central Africa. Chimpanzee are able to learn, perform the tasks of thinking organization, and has a better memory then any other animal. They have been known to beat the college educated in the memory test. They can be taught to use computers to solve numerical problems. These animals can quickly adapt and perform sign language to communicate with humans. Chimpanzees have been observed using advanced knowledge tools. This includes a spear to take animals out of small holes in trees, using branches to lure and catch prey, using stones to break nuts, and leaves a sponge to absorb water. They have seen an attack using tactical maneuvers, such as flanking prey. They often use mental manipulation within their families. Chimpanzee Genome Project is completed in 2005. This shows that chimpanzees share 98% genetically the same DNA as humans. It was approximately four to six million years since humans and chimpanzees that deviate from the evolution of their common ancestor. More recently, chimpanzees have been seen teaching sign language to their babies without human intervention. We were just beginning to understand the mental abilities of chimpanzees.

  5. Even i thought dogs were the number one of in case on intelligence! I have watched a show on Animal Planet on pigeons and their intelligence, so no wonder in that they found a place in your list too..

  6. I am quite surprised about the number one as i thought the dolphins are the most clever animals,but in common the chart is pretty tricky. I am totaly agree about the squirells as we used to have one in our back yard it was so curious and pretty smart.

  7. Alejandro

    An excellent article, thank you.
    With a name like that you obviously have some Spanish roots and you will know all about the suegra jokes.
    Well, I’m sorry, but you missed the most intelligent animal of all but then, of course, you would not have met my mother-in-law. LOL !!!!


  8. Interesting read..but one doubt. Does sheep remember faces???
    Post Merged: October 20, 2011, 03:33:41 AM

    He he I noticed humans didn’t even appear on this listing – what does that tell us?


    Hehe…yes u r right. You see…we are still in a learning mode about these animals 🙂

  9. Very interesting, thank you very much, Alejandro! I love animals, and I am very surprised that squirrels are on the list! They don’t seem very smart to me, hehe.

  10. Ive seen in TV that one type of monkey was throwing a rock from the ledge to break nuts which they were gonna eat. Pretty genuine.

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