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Sweden is known as the biggest Nordic country with a population of 9.5 million, bordering Finland and Norway and connects Denmark through the bridge of Öresund , there is the Baltic Sea at the east and the Gulf of Bothnia that separates the country from some part of Finland.


It has some Old towns such as Uppsala, Visby, Karlskrona and Stockholm’s Old Town, and others, with lots of castles and royal palaces like the Drottningholm in Ekerö that is outside of Stockholm, Solliden on Öland, Gripsholm in Mariefred, and others.

It has UNESCO World Heritage sites like Falun and Fagersta, Woodland Cemetery in southern Stockholm, the Struve Meridian Arch in Norrbotten and Grimeton Radio Masts in Halland. Sweden has a lot of activities to get involved with such as canoeing, cycling, sailing, horse-riding,, skiing, skating and hiking and this depends on the season. Visitors can take the wildlife watching tours of Brown Bears, Wolf tracking and Moose/Elk, Beaver.

The Weather and Climate In Sweden


Coming to Sweden can be fun if you visit the country at the right time. This is what you can do when you have information of what to expect in Sweden during the month of your arrival. With a grasp of the climate and weather in Sweden, you are sure of getting fun and excitement in Sweden.

The lowest temperature is the month of February with the day having-3°C and night-10°C

July is the best month with temperature around day 24°C and night: 14°C

The country is temperature in the south with cold, there is cloudy winter and a cloudy summer that is partial and the north is subarctic

The cheapest Sweden First Minute deals begins from 218€ for 4 days trip

November is the cheapest month and June is the most expensive month to travel to Sweden

The Best Time To Visit Sweden


The weather in Sweden is best from late May to early September during the summer, snow is experienced at Norrland or Dalarna in January to April. The daylight varies slightly during the year, the sun would set at 3pm in December at Stockholm, there is midnight sun and Arctic night in the North of the Arctic Circle Summer nights exits in the form of an extended twilight in June and July at the Stockholm’s latitude.


In July the tourist resorts are crowded, other major holidays are Midsummer from June 19-25, Easter, Christmas. Most of the cities in Sweden have temperate climate even with its northern latitude, it has four district seasons and there is a mild temperature throughout the year.Three climatic conditions are seen the central part with a humid continental climate, the southernmost part with oceanic climate, and the northernmost part with a subarctic climate. Though the country is warmer and also drier than some other places, that have the same latitude because of the Gulf Stream.

For instance the southern and , central Sweden enjoys warmer winters than a lot of places in of Russia, Canada, and the northern United States. The sun does not set for some part of the North of the Arctic Circle and it would not rise for some part of the winter. Stockholm, daylight can last for over 18 hours in late June and 6 hours in late December. Sweden receives around 1,100 to 1,900 hours of sunshine every year.

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