Most Economical Cities In Europe

Travelling around the world is a favourite hobby of many people but this year, things have changed especially with many currencies falling against the dollar. Most currencies in Europe fell against the dollar with many noticing greater fall than others. Even the Euro itself fell by some 15%. This is actually good news for those travelers with dollars as this means they can get better accommodation and generally a better experience when they travel to Europe. The cost of lodging will become cheaper as the dollar can buy more. That is how we came up with the top five economic cities in Europe at this time. We have used the rating of the 2015 Europe Backparker index.

Kiev, Ukraine


Ukraine has always been a remote destination for travelers and depending on where you are coming from it is cheaper than other places in Europe. It is a fairly cheap city to live in even before the many struggles that the country recently went through. Due to the struggles in the country, the value of the currency has fallen and inflation is also very high. This is a good thing for those come from without as they can make advantage of the low currency exchange rate and get accommodation and feeding for small change.

Bucharest, Romania


Bucharest may not be the most interesting town in Romania but at least it has managed to get some good reviews over the years. Many people think the city is boring but this year, those who decide to travel there may find something interesting in the city. The low prices for accommodation and feeding in restaurant are interesting bait for those who need to go on a holiday but are on a tight budget.

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Sofia, Bulgaria


Sofia is a wonderful city and many travelers will love to go there. This time around, things are cheap and when we say cheap, we mean almost everything. From hotels to restaurants to items in shop! The city has a very busy city shopping center and with the dollar going the way it is going, travelers having dollars will sure have a field day. The only disappointing factor may be the internal flights from one city to another which are on the high side but with your dollars rolling, you may not even notice.

Krakow, Poland


This is one of Europe’s most interesting destinations. The old city has a lot to offer visitors and it would be hard to be bored in this city. There is a lot to do and city. It is even better now that prices for accommodation are cheap as there are many hotels offering accommodation at cheap prices. Most Europeans go to this city when they want a weekend break. All those hoping to catch a bargain should do so now before high demands push the prices up.

Belgrade, Serbia


This Balkan city is still suffering from the remainder effects of the Balkna wars. Tourism is not its strongest point and you should not hope to find a lot of tourist attractions here. However, you may be compensated with the busy city streets and a vibrant night life. You will also love the fact that you can get accommodation cheap here.

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