Most Deadly Tourist Destinations Around The World

Whether it is getting involved in a jungle hike or relaxing on a beach, to return home safety is what everyone wants. There are numerous beautiful places we can visit and not worry about our safety but, there are still some great tourist sites that are dangerous. Do you know where the most deadly tourist locations are in the world? The Death Road in Bolivia may come to your mind. In Florida, there is a beach where shark attacks always and the list goes on and on.

Mont Blanc, France

monte blanc

Mont Blac is one of the world’s most dangerous destinations for hikers with its peaks of 5,000 metres high. A lot of hikers have been injured while some have lost their lives while trying to climb to the peak of this place.

Grand Canyon, Arizona

grand canyon

Dehydration, heat, suicide, medical conditions and slipping over the edge can be the cause of death here. The place is so beautiful but the risk of coming here is high too. This does not mean that people are not visiting year. It does not matter the danger involved here because people still come here for their hiking.

Teahupoo, Tahiti


Teahupoo has been called one of the Transworld Surf’s Top 10 Deadliest Waves, the waves here can be as high as seven metres high. The waves have special shapes due to the coral reef that is shallow, it is responsible for the hollow breaking waves here.

Kokoda Track, Papa New Guinea

kokoda track

It was during World War II that Kojoda Track was made famous, it has become a popular destination for a lot of tourists who come here to pay their tribute to the soldiers who lost their lives. This place has rivers, mountains and jungle terrain.

New Smyrna Beach, Florida

New Smyrna Beach

Talk about shark attacks, you would get it a lot of complaints in this beautiful beach that is in Florida. It has been dubbed the most dangerous in the world.

‘Death Road,’ La Paz, Bolivia

death road

The Death Road is the one of the world’s most dangerous roads in the North Yungas Road in Bolivia. It claims a lot of lives and still attracts over 25,000 mountain bikers every year. The fun of this road is that those who survive it are always considered as great men and women.

There are other destinations that are very deadly when you visit them, these destinations have not stop attracting tourists every year. Sometimes, people wonder what drags them to these dangerous spots. The answer is the thrill and the desire to conquer some of the world’s dangerous terrains.

Of course, records are broken every year by those who want to play stunts in these destinations. The sad news is that some armature end up losing their lives in these destinations too when they try to attempt some unbelievable stunts here. At the end of the day, the cities where these spots are located have become tourist haven where thousands of people would want to visit at least once before they leave this earth.

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