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These are the places that felt most dangerous to me:

Buenaventura (Col)
Los Angeles

What do you think ?

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  1. I had heard that Nairobi was the most dangerous city in Africa before I went there, fortunately it wasn’t true, at least from my personal experience, but the fact is that I didnt go to any slams or suburbs, where the crime is more common I think.

  2. Hi

    somalia used to be a beautiful destination wit the most beautiful beaches and really nice people…but thanks to the warlords and gangs that run the place its a dangerous place to go…..i heard there is a kidnap there every 30 mins …..i think the world needs 2 open its eyes instead of wasting time on britney spears everyday…..

    Have a nice time ahead.

  3. i’ve heard that Kingston, Jamaica as well as Rio de Janerio are both very dangerous but i personally don’t know.
    i think that any city has it’s dirty side, and any tourist destination will have districts you should avoid. but that is no reason to avoid going in the first place

  4. i’ve heard that Rio is dangerous. i remember a story a few years back when Formula 1 was there, one of the drivers was mugged at gun point.
    sounds a little too risky for the likes of me

  5. I saw you listed Los Angeles and I would agree to that also. Kingston Jamaica is a difficult place to navigate and I never recommend a tourist go anywhere alone there. The North Coast of Jamaica is tourist friendly but the businesses, gangs and transportation around Kingston is not at all good for a newcomer.

  6. My meaure of “danger” may not be the same as other more stalwart travelers but I watch for 3 basic signals in the social structure of the country I am visiting in order to judge how safe the environment is for a tourist.

    1) Does the transportation system with its staff genuinely welcome you and encourage you to enjoy the commute. Will they make suggestions in sites to see and seem proud of their community.

    2) Do the commuters waiting at the bus stop or taxi stands engage in conversation or grow aggressive toward you.

    3) Do local market vendors stiffen and complain if you touch their products. Are they unhappy that you are in their vicinity … as if your presence endangers them in some way. Are their young men standing in groups nearby and watching intently to see your purse, billfold or other belongings being shown or used.

    When any of these 3 social barometers lean toward discomfort, I try to find an alternative destination quickly. Often a more congenial and “safe” community may just be down the road and you have unintentionally entered disputed land that is not able to entertain guests due to internal turmoil.
  7. I have been to Rio de Janiero and Bogota. If you use your common sense and dont stray into the dangerous areas then you will have no trouble at all. Most get into trouble when they go out drinking and then try stubbling to their hostel in the wee small hours and wonder why they got mugged…..derrrr!

    Bogota is no more dangerous than London. Its how you walk, what time of night and where.

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