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Temples and holy places have always been a medium to bring people closer to the God almighty. God always knew and understood the medium of placing its power is through the beautiful shrines it can depict at notable places on earth. Today, these religious and sacred grounds have become a major tourist sites that would always attract millions of people around the world.

The Tiger’s Nest Monastery

The Tiger’s Nest Monastery

This shrine is very popular amongst its followers and disciples of Bhutan. The shrine is the top shrine of the world as it is perched on 3,000 feet height in Paro valley. People, from all over the world, are actually fond of this shrine. Legend has its own stories. The well known second buddy flew on the back of a tigress on this high cliff and meditates for sometime inside the cave; which is now being turned into a beautiful and extravagant monastery. Guru Rinpoche is the profound person whose meditation gave birth to this monastery.

Thailand has Wat Rong Khun

Wat Rong Khun

Thailand comes second in the world of shrines. There are various temples in the world, but a shrine which has the touch of contemporary design is something to look forward to. Yes, this shrine has the style of contemporary design; after all gods can have the choice in fashion. This shrine is located in the Chiang Rai. It has got its zing and has been designed by the renowned artist named Chalermchai. The shrine is named as White temple and still is on the verge of getting various finishing touches. Thousands of tourists visit this shrine for its beauty and essence.

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Indonesia has Prambanan


The third most beautiful temple cum shrine of the world is Prambanan, which is situated in Java of Indonesia. Hinduism has always got its league in the world of shrines. The shrine was built in 850CE and holds a very sacred place in the hearts of the followers of Hinduism. The walls have got carvings narrating various stories of Vishnu incarnations and story of Ramayana. Tourists love this shrine for its grace and beauty in terms of its size and arena. The Prambanan is actually composed of 8 main shrines.

Myanmar has Shwedagon Pagoda

Shwedagon Pagoda

Myanmar comes third in the world of beautiful shrines. The shrines are completely different; as it is oldest in the lot. The construction goes back to that of 2500 years ago. The archeologists have estimated that this shrine has its past between the 6th and 10 century. The whole temple has been completed in pure gold. Its stupa is made of gold. This shrine has a 76 cadet diamond at its tip.

Beijing has Temple of Heaven

Temple of Heaven

Beijing has to offer its temple of heaven to the tourists and its disciples. The shrine is a Taoist one and is quite popular in Beijing. The emperor named Yongle of Ming dynasty created it during 14th century. This shrine was built for good harvesting and for the harmony of the people from various sins and crimes. The architecture of this shrine resembles the silhouette of heaven; as if a resemblance.

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