Most Beautiful Gardens In The World

Gardens are made to be places of beauty and rest. Sometimes, these gardens are designed to be simply amazing and lovely. You may not want to stop staring when you see a very beautiful garden. Around the world, there are a lot of gardens that would blow your mind. These gardens have become a major attraction sites and we believe that you would definitely fall in love with them when you see them.

Kew Gardens, London

It was the mother of King George III, Princess Augusta who started this garden in 1759 at the White Lodge, Richmond in west London. Today, this garden which has great buildings like the Palm House, the Temperate House and the Pagoda has become a place to be. There are incredible structures like the Treetop Walkway, Kew Palace , the Waterlily Pond and the Japanese Gateway. You have the whole day to move around this garden.

Suan Nong Nooch, Thailand

Saun Nong Nooch, Thailand

It was in 1980 that Suan Nong Nooch Garden was opened. This place was named by Miss Nong Nooch, who believed that this was a nice place for a garden. The Nong Nooch Pardise got a lot of beautiful gardens that have different Cycads and Palms including the largest selection of Orchids in the country. Some interesting shows are conducted here. These shows have become another mega tourist attraction because it drags a lot of visitors to the garden.

Keukenhof Gardens, The Netherlands

Keukenhof Gardens, The Netherlands

One of the stunning gardens in the world is the Keukenhof that has over seven million daffodils, tulips and hyacinths in a 32 hectares. There are cafes, restaurants and tours you can make use of boats or bike. The excitement here is something you cannot stop loving because the garden and its beauty has encompassed every happenings around here.

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Versailles Garden, France

Versailles Garden, France

The French King Louis 14th was the person who founded the Versailles Garden in 1661. He made it a duty that this garden was going to be so beautiful that he hired some of the best painters, architects and landscape developers. This became a life project that gave birth to the gardens and the Château de Versailles. Today, you have virtually everything wonderful and romantic to do here.

Butchart Gardens, Canada

Butchart Gardens, Canada

Robert Pim Butchart was the man who had designed this garden. It all started when he travelled to Owen Sound, Ontario to Canada’s West Coast, where he had explored the rich limestone deposits. He made quarry and then built a cement plant. This beautiful garden started as a small garden around his home. You can even make a proposal here because it is one of the most romantic gardens you can ever find.

These gardens were designed with one thing in mind, peace and tranquility. The whole world may be boiling with noise, deforestations, urbanization and lots more but in these gardens will you find rest. The beautification of the place has been designed to give you something to really appreciate in Mother Nature. When next you are in any of these cities that have these gardens, you can visit the gardens.

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