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There are destinations that are simply a wonder to visitors. These amazing wonderlands are created to give visitors that fairly tale make alive effect that sometimes, people are stuck with surprise with that look of ‘What Is This Place?’ on their faces. Every year, people travel around the world just to be in some of these places and during winter, these wonderlands are a touch of heaven.

You may want to visit these destinations with your family or partner if you are thinking of giving them a lifetime gift. This is another type of tourism that has made the countries where these wonderlands are located to experience a massive tourist boast yearly.

Harbin | China


Yes!! China got one of the wonderlands on planet earth. Where can this wonderland be located? Just visit Harbin. It is true that this is the coldest city in China and when you visit during the winter, you would testify that this is indeed a wonderland. There is the Snow Sculpture Festival and Harbin International Ice. This city has been called the Ice City. You would be lost in the creativity of the sculptures who have crafted wonders from ice. You are taken in immediately you arrive here. Even the locals understand that this is a haven that they are excited to wait for winter.

Yosemite National Park | USA

Yosemite National Park

It is best experienced than imagined here in Yosemite National Park. During the winter, this park is blanketed in white by snow. Think of magic, think of this place that has become a popular place for snowshoeing and cross-country skiing. There are huts that visitors can spend time in and the experience is like a village life in the modern city. There is this seasonal change that is seen in the park’s flora and fauna.

Munich | Germany


There are a lot of reasons for people to return to Munich more than once yearly. It has ancient traditions that are played out in the city. You would not forget the taste of the steaming mulled wine or the gingerbread. This is what you can get at the Christkindlmarkt. It is not only this that makes Munich one of the wonderlands on earth. During the winter, it is simply a different city that you might have found during the summers.

Shirakawa | Japan


A visit to Shirakawa a village in the Gifu which has become a UNESCO World Heritage Site changes the definition of tourism. This is a wonderland that even Alice who travelled to her mystery wonderland would envy the humans on planet earth. There are buildings that are built in the Minka building styles that include the vertiginous thatched roofs. These roofs would take care of the buildings during the winter period.

St. Petersburg | Russia


If you are coming to Russia, St. Petersburg is one tourist haven that you would never miss. This has become a popular site for tourists. It houses the Saint Petersburg Philharmonia, Mariinsky Theater and many other cultural gems that the city boasts of. In the winter, this is simply a place to visit.

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