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I have been looking around VT and some photos and would welcome any recommendations on the following two activities – please keep in mind I will be a woman traveling alone, so in each of these to I ask how safe it will be.

– Taking a day tour from Mendoza to the Andes (staying in Mendoza)

– Taking a bus from Mendoza to Santiago de Chile – is this doable in a day – about how long does it take? Will a one-night stay in Santiago give a quick look at the city?

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  1. think we caught an overnight bus from Santiago to Mendoza – so expect this would happen the other way, plus I’m sure there would be a day bus as well. I was travelling with my partner so I don’t know how safe it would be to travel by yourself as that would be a different experience, but the people on the bus seemed to keep to themselves (everyone was sleeping). It does mean a boarder crossing at night also. I also think we looked into flights but it was cheeper to go by bus. Sorry would not know about whether the pass is open or about tour companies as we hired a car once in Mendoza.

    Have great trip and lots of fun.

  2. There is a lovely day tour from Mendoza called Alta Montana tour,

    it’s a nice way of visiting the Andes, very safe, nice people, lunch, some women alone. Or you can take the regular bus,stop in Aconcagua park ,come back in the same day or stay in a hosteria in Puente del Inca if you like hiking.

  3. You can take a bus for Santiago to Mendoza tour because its safely. You can book your hotel room before reaching Mendoza with online help.

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