Mediterranean Cruise

When looking to book a cruise holiday, there is simply so much choice that it sometimes overwhelms people. Which ocean should we cruise? Which ship should we pick? Shall we take the kids? What type of cabin should we go for? What excursions should we go on? This is understandable, as cruise holidays are a wonderful way to see the world and there are so many options to tailor your trip to your needs.

The Mediterranean is a splendid ocean to take a cruise on as it allows access to so many magnificent and diverse countries that can make for the holiday of a lifetime. This part of the world is blessed with rich culture, a stunning coastline, lovely climate and extensive history to discover that truly makes it one of the most popular tourist destinations in the whole world.

Depending on the length of your cruise and your itinerary you can expect to visit some of the Med’s most popular destinations, including Barcelona, Venice, Copenhagen, Rome and Greece. Imagine trying to fit all those places into a traditional holiday; it would be a lot of hard work and gruelling travel. But not when on a cruise holiday: you just sit back and relax as your luxury vessel takes you from port to port allowing you to see the best the Med has to offer.


A typical Mediterranean cruise will offer a whole host of amazing excursions for you to take in during your trip. From exploring the art museums in Berlin to biking tours of Bruges there will be a host of excursions for you.

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Due to the close nature of the countries around the Mediterranean, cruises are often around 7 to 10 nights and ideal for those who want an exciting cruise holiday but don’t have weeks and weeks spare to sail the seas. Med cruises often suit families well due to the shorter nature, and the cruise lines are well aware of this and have a range of family activities onboard to appeal to those with children. Historically, cruise holidays were seen as something for the older generation, but these days they are just as popular with younger couples and families.

If you fancy sitting back and putting your feet up as someone else takes you around the glorious Mediterranean sea, visiting amazing location after amazing location, then why not consider a Mediterranean cruise as your next holiday?

This article was written by Ashley Gilmour on behalf of NCL Cruises who offer a range of Med Cruises and are ideal if looking for an Alaskan Cruise

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