Could someone reccomend me some good hotel in Mallorca?

I’d be pleased.

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  1. Majorca is the largest island belonging to Spain and is located in the Mediterranean Sea. The island has been a well known tourist destination for many years. The great all round weather with very mild winters and warm weather is a mecca for tourists.

    The mass tourism which started in the 50s has been a big boon to the island. Majorca was once a popular tourist destination for only the Germans and British, but today, it is an international tourist magnet.

    The island is occupied by two large mountains – one in the North West and the other in the East. The North East coast is very rugged and offers exceptional views of the sea and the coastline. The central part of the island is flat and very fertile.

    The serenity, isolation and beauty of the island has not gone unnoticed and a number of celebrities and sports personalities have homes in Majorca. Among the celebrities who have residence on the island include Michael Douglas, Michael Schumacher, Annie Lennox, Julian Lennon, Boris Becker, Rafael Nadal and Claudia Schiffer. Many members of the Spanish Royal family also have summer homes on this island.

    For the tourist there is a lot to see. Located on the hills near Palma de Mallorca is the Bellvere Castle. This circular castle was once used as a military prison but today is a major tourist attraction. It is surrounded by heavy dense vegetations and a moat.

    Also located in Palma de Mallorca is the most famous landmark: the Seu, which is a Roman Catholic cathedral. Build in the 15th century, this imposing gothic structure offer a view of early French artistry. Next to the La Seu Cathedral is the Almudaina Palace. This palace offers a view of architecture from the days of the moors and was used as a Fortress and a Palace.

    Up along the Northern border to the Southwest, Majorca has a long mountain range, known as the Serra de Tramuntana. With a peak height of 1,445 meters it offers an astounding view of the surrounding area. The peak is often covered with snow during the winters.

    Majorca also has white sandy beaches with a beautiful blue coastline; the waters are warm, shallow and calm; thus making it an ideal vacation for the family. To take pictures back home one should visit the Valldemossa. This small village located on the SW corner of the island with its narrow street and its outdoor cafes is a reminder of Europe from early times. One can sit outside the cafe, sip coffee and listen to the music being played. It is the most peaceful place on the island.

    Like most tourist resorts, Majorca has plenty of shopping malls and stores. For the nocturnal individual, Majorca has its share of lively night life. The island is full of bars, discs and pubs and lots of pretty people.

    Since tourism is a major business on the island, food is an important part of the economy. There are many restaurants on the island which cater to every age race, color, sex, ethnicity and culture. Seafood of all types is available and every type of Mediterranean diet is served on the island. Since olives and almonds are native to this island, they are often served with salads and vegetables.

    Majorca is a beautiful island where everyone can find something to do or see. For many it is a vacation of a life time. There are not many places which are as pretty as Majorca.

  2. every type of Mediterranean diet is served on the island. Since olives and almonds are native to this island, they are often served with salads and vegetables.
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