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Visitors to Berlin will need to know that there are very serious disruptions to Berlin’s normally excellent public transport network. The main east/west Sbahn will not be operating for at least the next two weeks, i.e., until 3rd August 2009. It will also not be possible to travel to or from Sch?nefeld airport by Sbahn. Instead travellers will need to use the Airport Express, bus or taxi. The Ubahn does not serve the airport so travellers will need to get a bus from Rudow Ubahn station.

I hope this helps.


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  1. The Berlin S-bahn has still some problems.. But nobody has to walk or taken a taxi. The reason for that is that they checking all the wagon of her safety! With a bit more time and strong nerves, anything should be okay..



  2. The S-Bahn (cable cars) has indeed some problems (mostly in winter) like martin aldready said. i like the subway, it´s fast, and you can get almost everywhere with it.

    There are also a ton of busses, some are faster some are not so fast. Numbers 100 and 200 bring you to the most important touristic places (that way you don´t have to pay for an expensive Touri-bus). But the public transportation is pretty great in gerneral.

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