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Madhya Pradesh, a thrilling region in India, is certainly a breathtaking place to make your holidays overwhelming. The region is amazing with awe inspiring attractions which include the reserves, towns, parks, temples and palaces among many others that had indeed been bringing large hordes of tourists from all parts of the world. The atmosphere is incredible and will allow you to tour at any time of the year. The landscape is astounding and remarkable. We actually wanted to purchase a piece of land to have our house put up there. bigsmile3 This experience was truly sensational and I had to share with all and sundry planning to have a trip to Madhya Pradesh. It will indeed be gorgeous.

Madhya Pradesh--the heart of Incredible India <3

We started off our adventure at the dazzling Pachmarhi Biosphere Reserve which was a perfect place to commence our visit. The reserve was purely spectacular with our souls and eyes being soothed completely by magnificent wonders. The reserve was made up of several alluring points. We went directly to the Bori Sanctuary. This was indeed a gorgeous site with large composition of flora and fauna. The gate leading to the sanctuary was the first point of interest in the attraction. It was well placed and formulated in a manner that lured all visitors into it. The terrain there was superb and flat that we enjoyed walking over it. We enjoyed witnessing the numerous loads of animals there and especially the birds that were in plenty. The caves were also breath taking and could hardly pas unnoticed. The rocky carved nature was so scenic and we crawled into Pandav Caves to admire their beauty closely. Though the darkness inside made them a little treacherous, we had the best moment there as we got lots of fun hiding from each other. This was certainly one of our best times in our life time.

Madhya Pradesh--the heart of Incredible India <3

We then headed to the stunning Bandhavgarh National Park. None of us could afford to veil his or her joy as this was truly a golden tour. The park was marred with cool and serene ambiance that infused into our lungs freely leaving us vehement for more. The park was a mixture of flat and rugged landscape. We actually enjoyed much walking over the hilly and rocky parts as they led to the where the animals were. There were oodles of the cat species such as the leopards. The porcupine was also interesting and we remained vigilant to witness it chuck dozens of spikes to us though it seemed not to notice our presence. The dears were also fascinating to see. The birds forcefully captured attention from. They made their very best melodies that filled the entire park making it more of a paradise. The elephant expeditions were incredibly. It was an out of the experience. Away from the animals, we strolled to the swampy grasses for more fun. Here we had great merry competing in the spongy grounds. I liked it very much and wanted to stay there for a longer time. The vegetations were magnetic. The forests were another highlight that made the park common to many tourists. They were actually fine and we took a lot of pleasure strolling into the woodlands.

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Madhya Pradesh--the heart of Incredible India <3

Madhya Pradesh--the heart of Incredible India <3

Jai Vilas Mahal palace was our next place adventure. It is certainly a perfect place to make your holiday awesome. The architectural design was definitely one of its own kinds with exceptional external attributes. The palace appeared strong and firm although having been established long time ago. It also had a wonderful and stunning environment full of flowers and trees which provided a pleasant and breathtaking atmosphere. The palace had many of the ancient galleries and other collections that well stocked in the palace. The palace is one of the popular and well known museums in Madhya Pradesh.

We enjoyed walking into the many rooms of the palace admiring them all. It was indeed a grand place to adventure.

Madhya Pradesh--the heart of Incredible India <3

We then went the gorgeous Bhopal city. The city was remarkably outstanding with a cool and



tmosphere that was in every part of it. The streets were well maintained and attractive. We had a great moment interacting with the formidable locals we found and in fact walked in their company to the Upper Lake. The lake was so scenic. Its waters were pristine clean and have a fainting blue tint that made it very tempting. We felt harmonious watching little waves trying to form the lake due to the soothing winds that were blowing across. This was one place we liked being every time. We spent much time by the lake feeling the calmness that encompassed the region as we exchanged our experiences from the moment we started our tour in Madhya Pradesh. The Lakshmi Narayan Temple was another fantastic site within Bhopal. Its structural design was perfect and very pretty. We had many of its photos before getting to its interior where we had to adhere to the rules and beliefs attached to the temple. The whole inside was charming and very spiritual with countless religious materials and objects that were with no doubt notable. It was truly a fabulous place to and we vowed to visit the city again.

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Madhya Pradesh--the heart of Incredible India <3

The magical Indore town was another tremendous site to tour. The town was home to the charming Khan River and Saraswati River. We started off from the Khan River which was so inviting and soul soothing. The ambiance there was surely worth of being treasured and cherished. We enjoyed strolling along the banks feeling the cool and appreciating the lovely flow of the water with some parts being noisy than others which was a clear indication that they were lots of stones of rapids in such areas. We only wished we could find somewhere to do a little fishing while appreciating more of the calmness encompassing the region. We then passed through the marvelous Town Hall which was extraordinarily exquisite. The hall was spectacular with an impressive look and tall and setting which allowed all kinds of activities to take place. We relaxed within the hall’s compound admiring the many beauties that were within it. Our visit was indeed going wonderful.

Madhya Pradesh--the heart of Incredible India <3

Madhya Pradesh--the heart of Incredible India <3

We then moved to the scenic Pench Tiger Reserve. The reserve offered us a great moment to witness the very famous wolves. There were lots of the tigers caged in different parts of the reserve. We enjoyed walking near each of the tigers to admire their alluring skins and listen to them make their usual noises. The guides were very forthcoming and gave us a good and moving story of the little boy who had been brought up by the wolves. It was certainly nice to listen to them. The visit to the reserve was definitely worth our efforts. We were grand to have discovered it.

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Madhya Pradesh--the heart of Incredible India <3

We finally ended our visit at the imposing Gwalior city. This city was truly ostentatious. Its buildings were luxurious and gave us a lot of zeal to walk into them where we actually walked into of the restaurant for a little dish of their traditional foods before heading to the Gwalior Zoo to admire the animals. It was certainly a great place to be in. We appreciated every animal that came to our attention. We wished we had a chance to feed any of the leopards or monkeys. The guides were fabulous and helped us with a lot of history accounting to the success of the zoo. They also helped us walk to al the cages to appreciate the animals closely. Our visit was incredibly humbling that we sought to plan for another visit to Madhya Pradesh. smileybar

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