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I am a traveler and I keep exploring different parts of this beautiful world. I really appreciate and enjoy the beauty and charm that nature offers to us. I have travelled to many countries. Last month I decided to visit Macedonia, the oldest civilization of the world. This beautiful country is an undiscovered paradise. You will spend some of your earnings to visit here but when you will go back, you would have lots of memories and never-ending, life time experience. That is exactly what I got from my journey from Ohrid to Skopje.

My flight landed in Ohrid and I gave a start to my unforgettable journey. My next stop was Lake Ohrid. It’s a beautiful lake in the lap of Ohrid Town. One thing that I love about this place was the lovely of views of mountains of Albania. This is a “must visit” place in Ohrid. I enjoyed the boat cruise here. After enjoying my boat cruise and the beauty of this lake, I moved on to the ‘Svati-Naum Monastery’. It is situated on the top of a cliff and gives a stunning view of Ohrid Lake. I had the most thrilling experience of my life at this place. I put my ears against a gravethomb of a monk and I could hear Macedonia

his heartbeat. I was literally thrilled. I highly recommend this place to all the tourists. You could earn some of the best moments of life at this place. After this, I headed to “St. Jonavan Kaneo”. It’s a great tourist spot. The view of mountains and lake was amazing. I must say that this church is spectacularly sited. I sat outside the church and filled eyes with this stunning beauty. If you want to feel something out of this world, you should visit this place. “Bay of the Bones museum” was my next stop. It’s a stunning museum with Lake Ohrid in its foot. It looks like a small village. I enjoyed my walks into those small houses. If you are planning a tour to Macedonia, do visit this place. My last stop in Ohrid was a visit to the “Galicica- the National Park”. I love hiking, so I made the best use of this opportunity, as this fine-looking park offers you some beautiful area for hiking. I really enjoyed a lot. The Galicica Mountain is surrounded by two lakes. One is Lake Perspa and another is Lake Ohrid. These lakes add to the beauty of this place. I recommend this place to all nature lovers and off course, to all hiking lovers also.

The next city in my journey was Struga. My first stop in this city was Struga Old bazaar. It’s a cultural heritage. You can inhale the fumes of history and culture in this bazaar. I clicked some photos and then I moved to my destination. My next destination was Saint Archangle Michael Cave. It’s a beautiful monastery inside an old cave. It will definitely make you wonder. You should visit this place and know the difference. You can see lots of people around, clicking pictures. I also captured this beauty in my camera and headed to my next destination, the village of Gorna Belica. There were not so many people over there but this place really offers some rare view of nature’s beauty. You would love to stand on a point and watch the flora and fauna around. It is said that St. Clement used to enjoy his holidays in this village.

The next city in my journey was Debar. First of all, I hit “Shpilje Lake” in this city. WOW! What an eye-catching view it offers! The lake is surrounded by some beautiful green mountains. The water of the Lake was crystal clear. I can assure you that if you start to fix your eyes on the mountains which have a beautiful lake on foot, you would


suddenly feel as if you are standing somewhere in heaven. You can add this place to “must Visit” places in Macedonia. About 8 km far from this place, Debar Spa Kosovrasti is situated. A magnificent view of nature’s beauty could be captured from here. Debar Kosovrasti Spa route mineral water to some small waterfalls which flow through plentiful rocks and finally meet river Radika. I must say that if you are travelling to Macedonia, do visit these places. After this, I got to see the Deer leap Bridge. You must be thinking that what does this Deer leap actually mean? Actually there is a local story behind this. According to local people, hunters were chasing a dear and that dear jumped at this location but due to a leap of few inches, the broke his legs. Then the surrounding bay created this dear’s leap shaped bridge. Isn’t that interesting? Well, the surroundings of this bridge are so beautiful that you would love to capture every moment in your camera. Everyone should come here once in their life.

The next destination of my journey was Mavravo National Park. Wow! What a place it was! I bet that you can never find something that catchy in any corner of earth. It was something like watching some rear views of nature on the


National Geographic Channel. Well, this was one of the most memorable parts of my tour. I highly recommend this place to everyone around the globe. I made one night stay in Movravo. I wanted to enjoy these moments of my life. That night, I slept with a great peace.

Next day, I headed to Govistar. I had read somewhere that Macedonia’s highest peak is situated in this Govister. Well, I was right! The Golem Kurab Peak of Govister is the highest peak of Macedonia. The experience of being at the highest peak of Macedonia was very special. You would love to inhale the freshness of air. Simply sit and see those awesome views, you will be automatically charged with energy. The views will make you say “Wow!” After capturing some pictures in my camera, I got ready for my next destination.

Tetovo was my next destination. Here, I made first stop at “Popova Sapka”. It was winter and the view of this place was simply awesome. The extreme charm of winter and that awesome view of full moon night when the snow is shining in moonlight will give a long lasting memory. You would love to cherish this memory every night throughout your life. This is really an incredible and “must visit” place of Macedonia. I was extremely happy that night.

Next day, after having my breakfast I moved to the last destination of my tour. It was Skopje and the most beautiful place I visited in Skopje was “Matka Canyon”. It was one of the most wonderful things that I have ever seen. This was something like a poet’s Inspiration. People say, “Nothing is perfect”. But I say, ‘There is Matka Canyon’. If I start praising this place, I could write a full book on it! I swear! I just felt in love with this amazing place. I highly recommend this place. Do visit here! You would love it for sure! I was very happy that my tour ended on a good note.

My flight took off from Tetovo International Airport. I came back with tons of memories in my mind and lots of awesome views in my eyes! It was truly an unforgettable journey.

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