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For the brave people here, who like to travel, and watch animals  travel blog
There is a special zoo just 2 hours from Buenos Aires (Capital Federal) in Lujan.
The most unique quality of this zoo is that it is totally interactive. In other words, you enter the cage full of tigers.
First when they showed me the tiger I was scared, because you see this huge cat, and you have to enter to the cage with it. Then they let you in with a guide with this giant cat, and the guide tells you where you can touch him in the back (not in the face or feet), and how to treat him.
They do not attack you since they were raised with people from really young age, In fact you can also enter to a cage with small tiger, they are much more fun, since you can play with them without fear they will have you for breakfast travel blog
While with the big tiger you cannot play, and you feel scared the whole time you stay inside.
Actually I asked the guard who was inside with me in the cage if he has some kind of knife or gun in case the tiger attacks me or tries to do something bad, The answer of the guide was “I only have my pack of cigarrets”. So that is why I got more scared, since in case they go crazy, no one will travel blog them since he had no gun.
They also let you in with monkeys (which is fun since they touch you and kiss you), lions and small pumas.
They do not let you with the big pumas since they told me altough they raise the pumas since they are small and quite (and believe me small puma is really wild and has small little teath) they behave differently then tigers and lions, that is why you cannot get inside with the big pumas.
You can also take a ride on an elephant and another ride on a camel, all included in the entrance fee.

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If you are brave enough to get there and you are in Buenos Aires, here is what you have to do
Take the metro and get off in Plaza Italia, Take the 57 bus from Plaza Italia about two hours ride outside of the city, tell the driver to drop you off in the zoo of Lujan, and get dropped off at the gate of what looks like a farm. It?s only 30 pesos to get in, but this zoo has every animal from deer, llamas, tigers, lions, ducks, bulls… AND it has the hugest collection of tractors I have ever seen.

By the way here is a video that make me remember my experience in Lujan,
It is about two young man who raised a lion then send him to Africa, since he was getting to big, and some day they decided to meet him, they were told he will not remember, see what happened….

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