Las Vegas Luxury Nobu Hotel Penthouse

We have heard about a lot of hotels charging so much for a night, that is no longer news but when it comes to an important historical events like the fight between Mayweather and Pacquaio, a lot of hotels can gain much from it. This is what the villa at Nobu Hotel has taken advantage of by doubling its price for the first week of May. This is one of the most stunning hotels that would present you a view of different parts of the Las Vegas Strip.

Nobu Hotel

The villa is going to charge for just one night during the fight of Mayweather and Pacquaio. This is situated just few minutes from the famous MGM Grand, which is the venue for the super fight, it has Jacuzzi, spa room, pool table, balcony area and three bedrooms.

On a normal day, the Nobu Hotel that is at Caesars Palace has become a luxury home and during the weekend, it is where exciting things happen. If you love great activities, then there is only one place to be. Even Justin Bieber could not resist it when he came to celebrate his 21st birthday with friends. Indeed, this is a home to the famous and rich. The reason why this hotel could go this far with its rent on special days is because of the demand that it receives.

Nobu Hotel

Where do you think that people would want to be when they come here? The three bedroom that is 10,300-square-foot is perfectly built on the rooftop. This is what makes it so exceptional with its Japanese inspired interior design, it is designed to fit everyone including a king. There are spa services and the Nobu chefs are simply amazing in their food experiment.

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On the sky deck is where you can have a great view of the Las Vegas Strip, apart from the view there is the barbecue, full bar, fire and water feature, a secret Zen garden that has this whirlpool and then a dining area. When you see the master bedroom, you would notice that private route to the Zen garden. If you want to get to airport, there is this airport limo service that is a complimentary package to your reservation.

Nobu Hotel

Entertainment is not left behind here because there is a cinema area that can be found in the penthouse. The bright golden décor has been set to be a beautiful backdrop which would catch your attention. You can see why Nobu Hotel has become one of the finest hotels in the United States of America. The cost of using its facilities is not cheap and for those who are making use of them, they are not complaining as they dish out anything that they asked to pay. Aside everything, life is beautiful to stay away from a place like this . This is the reason why the hotel has become one place where you can find those who love life come here to enjoy their lives and cruise in comfort and luxury.

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