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Looking for some more help and advice please!

Have booked our flights, flying into LA on 28th August and picking up a car there.

Want to spend one maybe two nights in LA, what do you recommend are must sees/do’s as time is limited. Then planning to drive the Pacific Highway to San Francisco and any recommendations for places to stop over and things to see much appreciated! Do you think it would be worth driving from LA to San Diego and spending a night there and then heading north, I know it means back tracking a bit but is it something we should consider doing? Heard good reports about San Diego! But also would like to spend a couple of nights in San Francisco and fly out to Las Vegas from there on 4th September so need to be there by 2nd September? Have we given ourselves enough time?

When we get to Las Vegas we pick up a car for 5 days and plan to do a trip to Grand Canyon, Bryce Canyon, Mounument Valley, etc – how much time will we need for this? And we end the trip with 3 nights in Las Vegas. Any comments/suggestions would be greatly appreciated as we are at the early stages of planning!!

Thanks lol

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  1. You can try Roadrunner Shuttle They are servicing almost all of US  if I am not mistaken. I was in LA, last January and used them to and from LAX to Hyatt in Westlake Village.  They should be a good option to look at.

  2. As all these places comes on the same way, won’t take much time to you. 3 days will me more than enough to complete your journey over there. So to pick a car for 5 days won’t be a bad option.

  3. You could use GPS Mobile Guide for mobile phones, it has in-built gps module to make traveling easier. It also has LA attractions listed.

  4. I would definitely recommend spending a day in San Diego.  I’d suggest book a place in La Jolla. It’s a bit pricier, but you’re walking distance from all the restaurants and boutique stores. There’s also the Museum of Contemporary Art. It was closed when we visited San Diego though. You’re also walking distance to the park that overlooks the beautiful beaches of San Diego.

    If you have kids and don’t mind driving 30m, I’d suggest taking them to the San Diego Zoo 🙂

    Have fun!

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