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I have been in Poland some months ago. Krakow and Warchawa, capital of Poland, are wonderful cities. Old town in Krakow is one of the biggest and the most beutiful cities in Europe. Everi part of this city is moment of history.

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  1. Indeed Krakow is a lovely place.
    I’m sure everyone can find something interesting here.

    Please visit Krakow Executive’s webpage to get more details about getting to/from Krakow as well as the local tours.

  2. I am from Krakow and I think that this city is not only beautiful and charming, it has also great history:) I love strolling about the town admiring people from all over the world…:)

  3. I love Krakow! I was visited this city last year 🙂 I want to recommend you a place, which called Zakrzówek 🙂 and ofcourse the whole Old Town!

  4. I was in Krakow in February. I spend there two weeks- it was really a wonderful time! But is one thing, which suprised me- the Klezmer Music concerts, organized by Pro Arts, which I booked before my holiday. The musicians play on the old instruments traditional for Jewish. For me it was very interested, beacuse my favourite place in Krakow is Kazimierz district.

  5. i`ve been to krakow several times

    it`s not only a beutiful city but also good for shopping one )))

    and most of all i like the aquapark ))


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