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a city of Madhya Pradesh(India). In history Khajuraho is the capital of Chandel Rajputs, its scion of Hindu GOD MOON. Khajuraho is mainly famous for its historical monuments and architecture. The temples of Khajuraho mainly divided into three Group (Eastern Group,Western Group and Southern Group) all these group is also group of temples. Many international tourist visits Khajuraho every year and enjoy the architectural example. The tourist also enjoy the village life in Khajuraho and other landscapes. In Khajuraho many other thing to enjoy like Dance Festival of Khajuraho , Night life of Khajuraho and Meseum and Wildlie reserves near the Khajuraho.

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Vishwanath Temple Of Khajuraho

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Temple of Khajuraho

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Its nice place of Visitors and best example of Architecture

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  1. Khajuraho welcome too many visiters every year. The tourist enjoy here nightlife, wildlife and old temples and many other place.

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