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Izhevsk’s Udmurt Zoo is one of its most visited attractions. It’s a gorgeous zoo where the cages are open and closed and a variety of animals and birds can roam freely on the whole landscape and recreation areas. Especially impressive is the show of sea animals – a real circus show filled with professional circus performers. This zoo is a great option for families.

Izhevsk To Orenburg By Bus


One of the attractions in Orenburg is the symbolic Pedestrian bridge from Europe to Asia. In good weather, do not deny yourself the pleasure to take a walk and take pictures at the same time in Europe and in Asia. Very nice place to walk, especially if you are on a business trip and you have lots of time to go around and explore the city.

Here are the available modes of transport from Izhevsk to Orenburg.

Izhevsk To Orenburg By Bus

The distance between Izhevsk to Orenburg is 745 km. There are two bus rides to complete when travelling from Izhevsk to Orenburg. First, take the Line 857 bus that hails from the bus station in Izhevsk and bound to the bus terminal in Ufa South. From here, take the Russian Intercity Buses via Line 977 that is bound to the city of Orenburg. The total travel time is 15 hours and ten minutes. The one way bus fare ranges from US$35 to US$38. To get the latest information about the timetable and fares, check this site:

Izhevsk To Orenburg By Bus

Driving from Izhevsk to Orenburg is another practical choice when travelling between these two key cities in Russia; the travel duration is ten hours and 11 minutes.

Train Ticket From Izhevsk To Orenburg

There are no direct trains that cover the Izhevsk Orenburg railway route.

Izhevsk To Orenburg By Plane

There are two commercial airlines that cover the Izhevsk to Orenburg flight route; Izhavia and Oren Air. The travel time is six hours and 30 minutes and the cost of the plane ticket ranges from US$224 to US$487. To get the full details of air travel, check:

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