Ipoh-the City Surrounded By Mountain!

Travel to Ipoh

Known as the “City Surrounded by Mountains”, Ipoh has prided itself for its beautiful mountains and the abundance of the mineral tin. Due to scarcity of the mineral, the people had slowly moved to neighboring cities to improve their way of life. The place is now popularly known as the dead city but a good retirement place for older people who do not have to worry about earning an income.

Going to Ipoh is not hard as there are a lot of ways to reach the town. This may be either from the Pudura bus station riding a bus which would only cost you RM13.50, the train station from Kuala Lumpur which are run by 2 major companies called Yoyo and Triton. These express busses travel from Kuala Lumpur Airport to Ipoh six times daily. Another way is from Ipoh’s International Airport that has an aircraft named Merpati that flies three times weekly or using your car. Either way you use, you will surely reach the place in tip-top condition.

Travel to Ipoh

Various modes of transportation are available for you to choose while visiting this place. Riding a car is the most convenient transportation as the city traffic is not as congested as other cities in the place. One thing to remember is that you really have to be familiar with the place since there a lot of one-way streets and parking is not as readily available. Using a bike is another mode of transportation. Aside from it is a good exercise on your legs; it will not cost you a lot of money for renting it.

They are not as strict when it comes to wearing helmets, as long as you follow their rules and not use the pedestrian lanes, then you are good. Walking, though considered the best exercise, is not advisable in this place especially for long distance. Their pedestrian lanes do not just have people but bike riders as well. You do not want to get hit on your back while you are enjoying your walk. There are also a few vendors along the road which makes walking a bad idea.

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Travel to Ipoh

May you be in the town itself or just near Ipoh, there are a lot of incredible attractions that await you. Amazing structural edifices like St. Michael’s Institution which was established in 1912. Mari Amman Temple which has been kept clean and stores sannidhis, muruga and navagrahas is another architectural wonder in Ipoh. These places are interesting to visit due to its unique aura and history that accompany them. Kallie’s Castle though a few minutes away from town, is an exciting place to wander on. The castle is believed to be haunted and have undisclosed passages that lead to concealed chambers. This would be a hair-raising experience! They also have night markets that have different schedules depending on the day of the week. They sell a great variety of food and groceries. This is one of the favorite activities of the locals.

Travel to Ipoh

Eco-attractions are also one of the go-to places that most travelers visit. Aside from the great ambiance, they are more relaxing compared to those structural places. Greeting you with a stunning and jaw-dropping view of Ipoh is the Perak Tong or popularly known as Perak Cave. This cave accommodates 40 Buddha statues which are the tallest Buddha in Malaysia. If you are a water enthusiast, a swim at Tambun, Ipoh’s natutar hot spring would be the best place you can go. Water rafting and caving in River Kampar would be your next option. This river gives you great adventure, however; the rapids are safe. Hill climbing in Menglembu Hill is also a great experience one should not pass while you are on the place. An amazing view of the whole Ipoh is a sight to behold as well as the great amount of limestone. A trip to the rainforest past a vast plantation of rubber, durian and oil palm trees would also be a great experience. The largest flower in the world, Rafflesia flower can also be found with different insects like pretty butterflies and forest bugs.

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Travel to Ipoh

Another activity that you would love to try would be pottery. Ipoh exports a wide selection of pots to the neighboring countries. This activity is mostly missed by tourist as most travelers do not have any idea that Ipoh produced them. Visiting their fish villages would also be a nice experience. You can also try and experience fishing and cook it yourself. Aside from seeing freshly-caught fish, you can also go swimming on their white beaches. Both beaches offer a great selection of seafood at a good cost. Fresh air and great tasting seafood all rolled into one. Isn’t that amazing?

To get the greatest experience a tourist can, it would be best to get a tourist guide so you can visit the wonderful places and not missed any amazing place. A minimal cost of RM50 would be enough to see those scenic spots without you going through all the hassle of finding them on a map. Also, these tour guides can give you more information on the history and culture of the place. They are the best person to ask since they have enough training and knowledge of the town.

Travel to Ipoh

Either you chose the eco-trips or touring the city and watching the famous structures, the experience would be amazing. Each corner of these places shouts for its astounding and stunning tourist spots. It will never be a dull moment for tourists. You just have to visit the right places and you will surely enjoy what this place offers.

The cost for the food and accommodation is not an issue as they are low-priced. A reminder when eating on restaurants that do not display any price on their menu, it is best to ask the restaurant personnel before eating so you will not encounter a problem after. Just in case you only have little cash in your wallet and they do not accept credit cards. They have great food serving so you can get your money’s worth, others often offer budget pack especially for those backpackers. Their local cuisine is far tastier and had a lot of varieties compared to other Malaysian cities. Tourists should make it a point to have a taste of their native food before going home or they would miss a great experience.

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Travel to Ipoh

An example would be the Ipoh Fragrant biscuit, this is the most recommended food to bring home as they are freshly baked and locally produced in the place. Kacang Puteh , an Indian snack and the fresh Pomelos are also famous souvenirs that tourists love to buy. The Curry bread that has chicken filling is the most in demand bread in this place. Whenever there are freshly baked breads, you can never get one if you come in later. So better be there early morning or you can never get a taste of this famous bread. Aside from the great food they offer, their hotels have friendly personnel and great service for an affordable cost. Economical rooms are less than RM100 while the luxurious rooms are at RM100+. Whichever you will use, you are assured of a great stay.

So what are you waiting for, ask your local tourist agent to schedule you for a tour. Take note that these kinds of tours should be arranged one or two days ahead. Please prepare your passport number and for you to be logged on their visitor log book. This is to take note of the people visiting the place just in case something drastic would happen. Come and explore the wonder place named Ipoh!

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