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 The lid has finally been lifted when it comes to travelling to Cuba by the United States citizen. You can now tour around the exotic Cuba with little restriction. Before now, it was only cultural, educational and religious groups who were free to travel to Cuba but they must meet some specific permission before making such trip from the U.S. State Department. There are a lot of places for you to visit when you are in Cuba, places such as historic sites, the Bay of Pigs, museums, beaches and lots more.   You should not expect everything between Cuba and America to be perfect now that the diplomatic relation between the countries has become cordial.

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It is imperative that you get approval from the US. Treasury Department if you are going to spend your money when you are in Cuba. Before now, Cuba has been a country that has nothing to do with the American citizen when it comes to business transactions. Tourism has not been an option for Americans to Cuba. It was January 2015 that the lid was lifted by President Barack Obama to allow American citizens visit Cuba legally.

Tourism has not been allowed by the American government but people can visit for other purposes. This does not mean that some travel agencies are not doing things to ensure that the US. Citizens have a great time when they come to Cuba.

It has not been fun traveling to Cuba as an American citizen because it requires an illegal route through a third country. This is one of the ways that a lot of American citizens come to Cuba and they are left at the mercy of bad airliners. Today, there are a lot of daily flights from some American states to Cuba. But the tickets are sold through a third party charter company.

Cuba has not been keen in allowing a lot of American citizens visit her. The hotels there are not enough to handle the tourists because most of them are not in good shape. Even the American credit cards are not accepted when you come to Cuba. It is best you forget your cell phone in America when coming here because roaming is banned.

Today, you can only bring to US the coveted cigars that worth only $100. This is because of the limit that has been placed on the Cuban cigars by the American government.

The time to visit to Cuba has come and even though there are a lot of changes that the next President of America has to put in place to ensure that tourism is boasted with Cuba, you can still take advantage of this opportunity in visiting Cuba. There are a lot of places you can visit, food to eat, experiences that would blow you off your feet and lots more when you are coming to Cuba now.


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