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Lets Go a bit North….
Iguazu Falls
First of all I want to tell you, that I?ve been to Niagara Falls, and Iguazu are just much better !
Niagara is more artificial (lots of building surronding it), Iguazu falls are higher wider, and most important of all wilder, you can truley appreciate the nature at its best.
The falls make an impressive sight, and the surroundings permit an intense contact with nature to the adventurer within us.
I strongly suggest staying at least two days – one to explore the Argentine side, the other, the Brazilian side. Although the Argentinian side is much more beautiful in my opinion.
The Brazilian side is less impressive in my opinion, since it is much more crowded but it provides beautiful scenery of the falls, therefore it shouldn't be missed as well.

Puerto Iguaz? is the gateway to the majestic Iguaz? Falls (parts of which are located in neighboring Brazil). travel blog
travel blog The falls are located within the UNESCO World Heritage-listed Iguaz? National Park, whose subtropical rainforest provides a habitat for over 2000 identified plant species and 400 bird species. The Iguaz? Falls are formed by the River Paran? which, before reaching the edge, divides into many channel. Iguazu shape allows for spectacular vistas. At one point you can stand and be surrounded by 260 degrees of waterfalls, isn?t it great ?
Around the falls you'll see plush vegetation and iguanas and deer.
travel blog Of all the many tall cascades that collectively make up Iguazu Falls, the most impressive fall in the area is called La Garganta del Diablo, meaning “the Devil's throat”. which can be approached via a system of catwalks when you can walk right next to the falls.
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It is the world's mightiest single water fall (in terms of water-flow volume) – and its incessant roar is deafening, to the point of being terrifying. travel blog
Excitement lovers can take a speed boat along the Devil's canyon up to the Garganta del Diablo falls. travel blog

At their highest point, the falls have a vertical drop more than one and a half times the full length of Niagara Falls. You can catch a good view of the falls from a tower near the visitor center, which also organizes free trips to the Isla San Mart?n, another good lookout point from which to catch an extensive and crowd-free view

Iguazu National Park houses some of the most spectacular sights in all of South America. Home to the massive U-shaped Iguazu waterfalls, there are plenty of opportunities for photography and even an inside view of the waterfall via suspension bridges. You can also venture into subtropical jungles and find rare and endangered animals such as jaguars, toucans and ocelots. travel blog

When to Go ?

If you want to experience Iguazu Falls at its full might
Go during the rainy season (normally the rain is heaviest from around December to February). However, you might encounter cold and dreary days as well as sightseeing trails that are occasionally closed due to rain damage.

If you want warm blue-sky weather
Go during the dry season (typically from April to July). Unfortunately, Iguazu Falls noticeably dwindles in strength. If you are very unlucky, Iguazu Falls may be completely dry (which occurs for a week or more every several decades or so).

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If you want a compromise
Visit Iguazu Falls in March, August or September.

Getting to Iguazu Falls
A bus from Puerto Iguazu's central bus station is leaving for the falls every 45 minutes. It is also possible to take a taxi – the distance to the falls is not long. In order to get to the Brazilian side, you can take a bus going from the central bus station to Foz De Iguazu in Brazil (a bridge connects the two cities) and from there a bus to the falls (leaving every 45 minutes). Remember – the payment for the bus fare in Brazil is only with Brazilian currency, therefore you should exchange some money before crossing. Entrance fee at the Brazilian side can be paid with Argentinean currency.

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