I am looking places in cypurs which engage travellers with cooking session.

I am looking places in North cypurs and france which engage travellers with local style cooking session. I really want to explore this during my visit to these two places. They can be a day or so session by locals or chefs.

Any ideas where I can get this.


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4 thoughts on “I am looking places in cypurs which engage travellers with cooking session.”

  1. wouldn’t know where to start looking, but sounds like a good idea if you find anything do be sure to share.
    since northern cyprus has strong turkish connections there should be a good contrast to french cuisine

  2. I have posted it since long time before i am still waiting for the replay.I think its not the right place to ask the  questions  related to Cooking can any one suggest me some good Turkish  cooking forum .

  3. Hey Peter,
    Cyprus is a perfect place to learn about cooking…
    The culture of a place is always reflected in its kitchen, and Northern Cyprus is no exception. Cypriot cooking, like its people, is unique. Eating out is popular amongst locals and the choice of cuisine reflects this, combining many wonderful tastes from the Mediterranean, Turkey and the Middle East. In larger towns, a range of international restaurants also offer dishes from around the world.

    A typical Turkish Cypriot restaurant meal consists of meze, kebabs (lamb or chicken) or fish, followed by fruit and coffee. Meze is a selection of hot and cold appetizers – the Turkish Cypriot equivalent of Tapas ? such as kofte (meatballs), hummus dips, mint yogurt, hellim (goat?s milk cheese). A Turkish Cypriot specialty is the ?eftali kebab (peach kebab), made with minced meat, chopped onion and spices, wrapped in lamb fat and grilled. Other mouth-watering dishes include marinated fish and squid – and for dessert, lokma (small doughnuts in syrup very tasty!!!), Ekmek Kadayif with Cream (Turkish Cypriot bread pudding) or baklava, as well as freshly-picked fruit such as sweet melon, oranges and figs. Wash your meal down with a glass of rak? (alcoholic aniseed drink), or there are also many good wines, beers and spirits, including the famous brandy sour drink ? a cocktail made with brandy, lemon juice and angostura bitters. If you have room, you may want to finish off with a fix of thick Turkish coffee or tea.

    Cypriot home cooking is delicious, but is only found in a handful of restaurants in North Cyprus, so do look out for them. Traditional cuisine makes fine use of the abundant fresh fruit, vegetables, herbs and spices in North Cyprus that can be bought and enjoyed in the many farmer’s markets and food festivals, as well as the shops and supermarkets ? which means Turkish Cypriot cuisine is also packed with vegetarian dishes such as yalanc? dolma (stuffed vine leaves with rice, onions and tomatoes), stuffed peppers and tomatoes, melt in the mouth aubergine meals, sigara b?rek (fried white-cheese rolled in pastry), bulgur koftesi (cracked wheat balls) and home made baked beans. Fresh herbs such as wild thyme, calamint, fennel, oregano and sage flourish in the mountains, ready for picking in June.
    What kind of cooking engagement are you looking for?
    I always talks to the chefs in the restaurants and ask them about the recipe, most of them are kind and will give you the general idea of how to make it.

    There is a really good book I suggest you to buy called “Taste of Cyprus: Seasonal Look at Cypriot Cooking (Paperback)” you can purchase it from Amazon, and it’s very good. I personally learnt a lot from it.

  4. Thanks for the wonderful and great information the mouth watering foods and dishes which you mentioned i am eagerly waiting to try all those .Once Again Thank you so much .


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