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You may never know what Austria got to offer to you until you visit it. To wet your whistle in this great country, you should be ready to move to some mind blowing places during your vacation like the Eurovision Song Contest that is always a place to discover raw talents and hear some earth shaking songs. We can begin this trip to the Wachau Valley that is stunning. You can see a better part of the country from this valley. There may not be need to visit any other place after this place but the truth is, the alluring nature of the other sites would drag you to them. If you are a wine lover, history buff or even a culture vulture, the enchanting Danube is just a place for you. From Vienna, you need an hour drive to this place. You can get a quiet corner and have a lovely moment with your spouse or even walk around the picturesque surrounding in the many vineyards that are available for you to explore.

Wachau Valley

There is another place for you to visit and this is the baroque abbey where you can spend your evening moping and enjoying the sounds that come from the open air music festival. Aside this, there are a lot of hamlets and towns that would charm you off your feet with their reasonable hotels that are still filled with luxury and comfort.

No one comes to Austria without heading to Wachau which is now one of the most visited vacation destinations in the country. In 2001, it became a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It is a very popular place to visit and kids would be thrilled to be here. You should not forget Durnstein which is a hidden gem that is tucked on the banks of the river. From here, the hilltop castle ruin can be clearly appreciated. When you are here, the legendary story of King Richard, the Lionheart, who was captured and imprisoned by Austrian Duke Leopold V for nearly two years would be told in 1192. There are shops, restaurants , pubs and hotels that are named after the king in Durstein.


Food can be served at the Hotel Schloss Durnstein which has a place for everyone including dogs. Spitz and Wiessenkirchen are still places for you to explore and there are a lot of beautiful churches and restaurants here. Can you see what you might have missed if you did not read this article.

We went all the way to Austria to ensure that you are well treated to a world of fantasy and bliss when you come around these places. And for those, who are yet to visit Austria, the clocking of exploration is tickling and you need to make your plans in coming here. Austria has become a charming country not forgetting that Vienna is located here. The songs about Vienna is almost everywhere and you just cannot but dance to it any day or any time, no matter what you are coming to do.

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