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How To Get From Vienna To Kufstein - Travel Advice from the Pros
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If you are from Austria, then you may have an idea about how beautiful Vienna is. This place is having more number of tourists every year compared to the other parts of Austria.

How to get from Vienna to Kufstein

The historical buildings in this place and the landscapes of this place are just amazing.


Do you like Skiing? Then you should definitely travel to Austria, and especially Kufstein. Austria is a very small continent of Europe, but this place is having a lot of history to share, with the people visiting it.

Here are the available modes of transport from Vienna to Kufstein

Train ticket from Vienna to Kufstein

If you are looking for the best mode of transport from Vienna to Kufstein, then the train is the best option available for you. You should first start your journey from Vienna to Wien Westbahnhof, which is 6 minutes journey and the ticket would cost you $3. You can get a train in every 5 minutes. From Wien Westbahnhof to Kufstein is a different train, which is 3 hours 42 minutes journey and the fare would be around $85 to $110. Overall time would be 4 hours 37 minutes and the journey ticket would be $88 to $113.

How to get from Vienna to Kufstein

Bus ticket from Vienna to Kufstein

The bus journey from Vienna to Kufstein would be a very bad option as there are very few buses available. The journey time is approximately 5 hours and the bus ticket would cost you $95.33. You will have two stops in between and this is the only fast route available between these two places.

Flight ticket from Vienna to Kufstein

Flight journey is not a bad option but you still have no direct flights available. You need to reach Innsbruck by flight and then board a train to reach your destination Kufstein. The total time of the journey would be just 3 hours and 22 minutes and the fare is also starting from $113, which is very close to what you spend on the train journey. So it would be a good option to choose a flight to reach Kufstein from Vienna.

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