How To Get From Sichuan To Guangxi


You would not expect ever to find in China a number of small lakes from the water so transparent to see the bottom, with shades ranging from blue to green. Sichuan’s Jiuzhaugou Naural reserve is a marvel!

How To Get From Sichuan to Guangxi


Guangxi’s Red Flute Cave is like many other caves that you can see around the world, but the setting here is indeed beautiful.

Here are the available modes of transport from Sichuan to Guangxi.

Bus Ticket From Sichuan To Guangxi

The distance between Sichuan to Guangxi is 1228 km. Take the Guizhou Transportation bus ride from Yuechi bus station Guizhou Jinyang. From here, take the Guizhou bus that is bound to Liuzhou. From Liuzhou, take a taxi to reach Guangxi. The total bus travel time is 20 hours at a cost of US$144. For details, visit:

If you choose to drive; the travel time is 16 hours.

How To Get From Sichuan to Guangxi

Train Ticket From Sichuan To Guangxi

Take the China Railways train from Tongnan station bound to Chongqing North. From here, take the China Railways train that is bound to Lianglukou. Next, take the China Railways train from Lianglukoi to Guangxi. The total railway travel time is 24 hours and 40 minutes at a cost of US$S90. For details, check:

Airplane Ticket From Sichuan To Guangxi

Take the Chengdu airplane daily route when travelling from Sichuan to Guangxi. The flight travel time is one hour and 35 minutes. The plane fare can be purchased for US$350.

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