How To Get From Manila To Cebu


Manila is an interesting city with attractions that provide a historic journey into the past. The Casa Manila exemplifies how the wealthy classes live in the old times. It is well restored and worth paying to get in.

How To Get From Manila To Cebu


Cebu is one of the stunning islands of the Philippines. It is a spectacular paradise and offer lots of places to unwind. You can go on a snorkeling trip on its beaches with white sand and incredibly beautiful turquoise waters.

Here are the available modes of transport from Manila to Cebu.

Manila To Cebu By Bus

The distance between Manila to Cebu is 851 kms. The travel duration is 22 hours. The bus transport begins at the Araneta Center in Cubao. The RORO (roll – on and roll-off ferry) will get off the transport bus after taking the ship, crossing two other islands, and will take the same transport when you get off the ship’s port in Cebu. The cheapest fare begins at US$ 50 depending on the type of ferry company and service.

If you choose to travel via private vehicle, it is not practical because extra charges (tax and duties) are imposed for the type of vehicle used, but it is great in light of the fact that you could see a variety of provinces and numerous islands of the Philippines.

How To Get From Manila To Cebu

Manila To Cebu By Ferry

There are at least 8 ferry service that travel between Manila to Cebu every other day. The travel time is estimated at 26 hours. The ferry transport fare is classified on three levels, first class, second class, and the cabin rate. The cheapest fare is offered at US$ 38. To get the full rates and shipping schedules, visit this site:

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Manila To Cebu By Plane

There are 6 commercial or domestic flights that travel from Manila to Cebu daily. The travel time is only one hour, which is the most practical option when traveling from Manila to Cebu. The lowest fare begins at US$ 45. To compare rates and get the exact timetable, check:

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