How To Get From Madrid To Barcelona


Madrid is a beautiful city to visit and to get to know some of the history of the Spanish royal family. Visit the Royal Palace of Madrid; it is now used as a museum and venue for diplomatic ceremonies. It is very beautiful and luxurious and just like other main attractions of Madrid, it has free visitation schedules.

How To Get From Madrid To Barcelona


Barcelona’s Gothic Quarter is arguably the best neighborhood for those who want a typical European city. All buildings are old (or in the Gothic style), all with great detail, wide streets and alleys that make you also travel back in time; plus it has many restaurants and attractions.

Here are the available modes of transport from Madrid to Barcelona.

Madrid To Barcelona By Train

There are two commercial railway transport service that travel from Madrid to Barcelona daily. The train travel duration is 5 hours and 45 minutes. The first train departs at 08:00 AM and the last leaves at 22:30 PM. The lowest train fare starts at US$ 36.81 and the highest at US$ 83.41. To get full details of the train schedules and fares check it out here:

How To Get From Madrid To Barcelona

Madrid To Barcelona By Bus

The distance between Madrid to Barcelona is 505 kms. The travel time is approximately 8 hours with one brief stop over. There are two bus transport service that travel from Madrid to Barcelona daily. The first bus leaves as early as 12:45 AM and the last bus service leaves at 22:45 PM. If you try it on Go Euro,the cheapest bus fare rates is offered at US$ 43.60.To learn more, check out:

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Driving from Madrid to Barcelona is more convenient because travel time is only 6 hours and ten minutes.

Madrid To Barcelona By Plane

There are three direct and commercial flights that travel by air from Madrid to Barcelona on a daily basis. The travel time is 3 hours and 35 minutes. The first flight leaves at 07:30 AM and the last leaves at 21:55 PM. The lowest fare is offered at US$ 53.

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