How To Get From Lublin To Lviv


The city of Lublin is located in the eastern part of Poland and it is characterized by narrow alleys and restored old buildings, churches, and castles. The Byzantine architecture is not to be missed along with the basilica dedicated to St. Stanislaus one of the finest examples of sacred art in Poland.

How To Get From Lublin To Lviv


Lviv is a city in Ukraine with the Market Square as its center of tourism. The town hall has a tower where you can admire the entire city. Around the four fountains, there are many local breweries and the typical multi-colored palaces. From here, there are also some nice little trains to easily get around the sights around the Market Square.

Here are the available modes of transport from Lublin to Lviv.

Lublin To Lviv By Train

There are two train rides you need to complete to get from Lublin to Lviv, but you will not be stressed out from transferring from one train express to another because only one railway transport provider cover this route (Polish Railways via Line Regional). The first train ride is from Lublin to Przemysl station, which takes four hours and 42 minutes (available 3 times a day for a fare of US$10). From this station you need to transfer to another Polish Railways train (Line Express) to reach the city of Lviv, which takes two hours and 14 minutes (available once a day for US$4). For more information, visit:

How To Get From Lublin To Lviv

Lublin To Lviv By Bus

The distance from Lublin to Lviv is 216 km. The bus travel duration is seven hours. This is offered once a day by two bus transport providers; Bus Visitor and Autokar Polska. The bus fare is estimated to cost from US$18 to US$24 depending on the type of bus service and accommodation you choose to avail. To learn more, check here:

You can also drive all the way from Lublin to Lviv; the travel time is three hours and 11 minutes.

Lublin To Lviv By Plane

The Lublin to Lviv route is not accessible via air travel.

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