How To Get From Lithuania To Athens


If you are looking for a lot of activities and things to see in one single place, then Lithuania is the place that you are looking for. This place small, but offers you a lot of things.

How to get from Lithuania to Athens


Athens is the capital city of Greece and you can imagine the architecture and designs of this place. You still get a chance to see many landmarks which belonged to the 5th century. Do visit this place.

Here are the available modes of transport from Lithuania to Athens

Bus Ticket from Lithuania to Athens

The distance from Lithuania to Athens is 2787 kilometers and there are no direct transport options available as these two locations are very far from each other. The bus is going to take a lot of time for you to each the destination. You will first board your bus at the Vinco Kudirkos Aikste bus terminal and reach Vilnius. Now from Vilnius, board your Bialystok bus and then from Bialystol, you will have to board your Athens. The total bus fare is going to be $161 and the time taken for your journey is going to be 2 days and 4 hours.

Train Ticket from Lithuania to Athens

There is no direct train to reach Athens from Lithuania. You should first take a bus from Panorama to Warszawa Centralna and this going to take 5 hours and 50 minutes.

How to get from Lithuania to Athens

Now from Warszama Centralna you will take your train to Katowice. Now again from Katowice, you will have to board a bus to Athens and this bus journey is for 19 hours.

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Flight Ticket from Lithuania to Athens

There are no direct flights also between these two places, but you can get a direct flight to Athens from Kaunas KUN airport. The flight trip is going to be for 6 hours and this timing is for one stop flight. If the flight is having more stops, then it is going to take more time. The flight ticket would cost you something around $60 to $270. This is the best option to travel from Lithuania to Athens if money is not an issue, it takes less time.

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