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Florence has a lot of attractions located on steep heights which allows for incredible views of the beautiful city. You can go by bus, not just sightseeing or hiking but regular bus, but most tourist prefer despite the distance and height to walk, because it provides an excellent combination of nature and culture.

How To Get From Florence To Pisa


The city of Pisa has a lot of cool attractions and architectural marvels which gets really crowded at certain times of the day, but don’t let it discourage you to continue your tour, it’s all worth the wait and the effort.

Here are the available modes of transport from Florence to Pisa.

Florence To Pisa By Train

There are 5 trains that travel daily from one railway company (TRENITALIA) and covers the Florence to Pisa route. The travel time by train takes around 1 hour and 8 minutes. The first train departs at 08:05 AM and the last train at 21:53 PM. The railway fare is offered at US$ 10. To avail of disounts on fares you must purchase the rail pass. Learn more about railway transport from Florence to Pisa from this site:

Florence To Pisa By Bus

The distance between Florence to Pisa is 83.5 kms. There are two bus transport companies that provide daily bus transport from Florence to Pisa (Terravision and Autostradale). Although they both do not pass on the city center, these two companies provide direct connection of the airports of both cities.The travel time is 2 hours and 5 minutes. The regular fare usually costs around € 10. To know the latest bus schedules, trans port fares and boarding point, check here:

How To Get From Florence To Pisa

If you choose to drive from Florence to Pisa, travel time is approximately one hour if you do not encounter too much traffic on the highway.

Florence To Pisa By Plane

There is no direct plane hat services the Florence to Pisa route practically because they are located in the same city. However, the most convenient form of transport from Florence to Pisa is via railway service.

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