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Agra’s Taj Mahal is a world famous site for very good reasons. The monument to love is impressive and built in white marble with rich decorations. Be careful not to bring scissors, food, or chewing gum that may stain the site. A serious security search is always organized at the entrance.

How To Get From Agra To Bodh Gaya

Bodh Gaya

Bodh Gaya’s Maha Bodhi Temple is an essential site for Buddhists, but also very pretty for other traditions. It evokes an atmosphere of peace that is conducive to meditation and healing. It is a sacred place that deserves a visit while in Bodh Gaya.

Here are the available modes of transport from Agra to Bodh Gaya.

Train Ticket From Agra to Bodh Gaya

The distance between Agra to Gaya is 830 km. If railway transport is your option when travelling, you must first take two train rides to reach New Delhi then take a commercial flight that will take you to Gaya. The journey begins at the Agra Cantt (AGC) railway station via Indian Railways where you must take a three hour and 20 minute ride to reach New Delhi (NDLS). Once you reach New Delhi, take the 22 minute train ride via Delhi Metro (Line Orange) that will bring you to Indira Gandhi International Airport. From the airport, take an Air India commercial flight (AI235 and AI433), which takes about one hour and 30 minutes to reach Gaya. The estimated total cost of this journey is US$188. To know all the details, check:

How To Get From Agra To Bodh Gaya

Bus Ticket From Agra to Bodh Gaya

There is no bus transport service that covers the Agra to Gaya route. However, you can drive all the way from Agra to Gaya; the travel time is 12 hours.

Airplane Ticket From Agra to Bodh Gaya

You can take a two hour Air India flight from Agra bound to Varanasi Airport. From Varanasi, take a cab up to Mughal Sarai Junction where you can take a 2 hour train ride to Gaya. The total cost of this journey is US$197. For more details, visit:

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